The Czech pavilion could become a piece of Italy

The Czech pavilion could become a piece of Italy

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Countries of the Globe hurry up!
Gods about 110 hectares of surface intended forUniversal Exhibition of 2015, only 20 percent is still available to host your pavilions!

L'Universal Exposition to be held in Milan in 2015 it is creating a lot of excitement and not only in Italy. There are now 122 countries that have formalized their participation in the Milan Expo 2015 and many more will join in the coming months. Among the states that have confirmed their presence at Expo 2015 is the Czech Republic who started a competition to decide the composition of its pavilion.

The Czech news agency ČTK, (Czech News Agency) let us know that the final project will be presented next June while in the Prague newspapers we read that there is already a favorite: Jan Kaplicky. In the past, the designer has already won the competition for the construction of the new National Library in Prague. The project for the pavilion of the Czech Republic presented by Kaplicky is in the shape of a "blob" but where will it be set up?

There Czech Republic decided to participate in Expo 2015 only on February 27th, but the agreements for the assignment of the surface have not yet been signed. 80 percent of the area of Expo 2015 it has already been assigned and states wishing to participate should hurry.

Why so much attention for the Czech Pavilion?
In the edition ofUniversal Exhibition of 2010, in Shanghai, the Czech Republic was awarded the silver medal for the more creative pavilion. The pavilion remained in China and was purchased by a Chinese-Czechoslovakian company for the value of 33 million crowns. The Czech pavilion, which will be hosted in Milan, will be designed to capture the attention of Italian investors and remain in our country even after the end of Expo.

The Czech government plans to invest in Milan Expo 2015 a capital of 470 million crowns, approximately 18 and a half million euros.

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