Rome takes its first steps towards the Smart Grid

Rome takes its first steps towards the Smart Grid

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Today we talk about Smart Grid in Italy, where the metropolitan area of ​​Rome is moving forward thanks to an agreement signed between Acea and NEC Italia. The agreement provides for the preparation of two energy storage systems installed in the primary and secondary cabins. The energy storage systems are ai lithium ions and will be among the key elements of the project Smart Grid of Acea in the capital, on the 20 kV medium voltage power line called "Persichetti“.

The two devices of energy storage they are respectively 180 kW / 100 kWh and 100 kW / 50 kWh. They have been supplied by NEC and will be operational by next September. The functions that the energy accumulators will have to acquit in Smart Grid of the metropolitan area of ​​Rome, there are mainly three:
-leveling and stabilization of the energy values ​​of the eletricity grid with support for intelligent management
-integration of energy from renewables
- network backuè function in case of interruptions of the distribution service upstream of the storage system

L'energy accumulator from 180 kW / 100 kWh will operate as a network backup, protecting the loads connected to low voltage power lines for 3 minutes from any power interruptions. To provide for the stabilization of the energy produced with the photovoltaic system connected to the medium voltage grid, the storage system from 100 kW / 50 kWh.

“This is a major step forward in the design of the Smart Grid, especially in a city like Rome that has a particularly complex and difficult electricity grid ", said Marco Staderini, managing director of Acea.“Our company is committed to maintaining and improving the high standards of the services it delivers to users. For this reason we work with high-profile partners such as NEC, able to provide cutting-edge and reliable technological solutions for our project Smart Grid, both from the point of view of energy technology and from that of ICT applications ".

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