Easy to grow garden plants

Easy to grow garden plants

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Easy to grow garden plants: here's what thegarden plants(with flowers and perennials) that we can grow without too much effort. From the most ornamental (flowering garden plants) to the most resistant (perennials).

The warm season is upon us, with the arrival of March we are spoiled for choice: which ones flowering plants or perennialsto put on the terrace or in garden? Some garden plants they are not only beautiful but, with their fragrant flowers, they have the ability to keep away flies and mosquitoes! Today let's see which ones together garden plants are for us, if you have a garden to decorate from scratch here is an article with garden ideas suitable for all thumbs

Flowering and fragrant garden plants

Its name is Pelargonium, and there are infinite varieties of them and there are some with an intense scent such as Eva geraniums. These fabulousflowering plants they are perfect from grow in the gardenas well as on terraces and balconies. The rich bloom spreads a lemon fragrance that has the ability to repel flies and mosquitoes. Other geraniums capable of repelling flies and mosquitoes are those of the Pelargonium citosum species, they have pink flowers and large green vegetation.

Buddha plant
It is a plant that is not very common in gardens Italians. It is little known, despite the name it comes from Central America, it has an enlarged trunk at the base and is an extremely decorative plant. In winter it should be kept at home or on the veranda, in summer it can be shown off in the garden or on the terrace with its inflorescences and showy lobed leaves.

Japanese sapling azalea
The more pretentious may want a Rhododendron japonicum. The Japanese azalea blossoms every spring, developing an ever larger crown with numerous flowers. It does not require special pruning e withstands the cold.

The Fritz Thiedemann rose bush is perfect to grow in pots, so green light for the cultivation of these roses also on the terrace. This strain exhibits lush and long-lasting flowering and grows well in pots and planters. Diffuses a delightful scent with large double flowers. There are many varieties of roses, some can be grown precisely for the strong scents they spread in the garden.

Climbing bell
For a very long flowering, Ipomoea purpurea is perfect. It gives a beautiful flowering and there is no shortage of very fragrant varieties. The plant needs support, it is still onegarden plant climbing, has a fast growth so you can buy very small plants and, in a short time, wallpaper a special support or wall. The plant gives a very rich and long flowering.

Perennial and hardy garden plants

Chinese palm, cold-resistant plant
Called Trachycarpus fortunei, it is perfect for those who live in cold areas. It can withstand temperatures down to -18 grateful. It has showy fan-shaped leaves.

Achillea millefolium var. Papika
Thisperennial plantit reaches 60 to 70 cm in height during theflowering. It is a very resistant plant to drought. In summer it is colored in warm shades, the flowers are intense red. It adapts well to growing in pots or can be planted in the open ground in the garden.

Ajuga reptans, ground cover garden plant
It is a creeping perennial plant, useful for covering flower beds or areas of the garden that you want to dye green. The leaves, in fact, are fleshy and evergreen. The leaves can turn purple at particular times of the year. Ideal both in the shade and in sunny areas. It blooms in spring, offering blue flowers.

Bergenia cordifolia
Among the evergreen garden plants we also mention the Bergenia cordifolia. Also this ground cover: if the Ajuga reptans reaches a height of 5 - 6 cm, the bergenia is useful for borders or covers of 30 cm in height. It has evergreen leaves which, in winter, take on a typical coppery color. This plant also blooms in spring.

Salvia greggii
With its shrubby habit, it can reach a height of one meter. Its leaves are silvery-green. You can buy many varieties, with more colorful flowers. The flowers bloom continuously from spring to late autumn. To be grown in sunny places.

Phyla nodiflora
Again we are talking about oneground cover garden plant, perennial and beautifulflowering. It reaches 5 cm in height, presentsevergreen leavesand dense, lavender-colored flowers that turn to white. This plant is resistant to scarce irrigation, resistant to a modest footfall and can even offer itself as an alternative to the lawn in particularly arid places. It should be grown in sunny areas.

Trifolium repens
Beautiful perennial plant. It can also be grown as a ground cover plant (reaches 10 cm in height). The leaves are evergreen, green-red, very ornamental. The flowers are very showy and appear in early summer. Again we are talking about one hardy and easy to grow garden plant. It can be proposed as an alternative to the vase, just like the previous one, in the case of sunny places. Tips for the most beautiful varieties: Repens Pentaphyllum and Trifolium repens William.

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In the photo above, the Trifolium repens William. Image by Chen Kuntsan.



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