RoboSmart, the wireless light bulb

RoboSmart, the wireless light bulb

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The smartphone they get along very well with theenergy efficiency. We have already seen it with iLumi, the multicolored LED bulb with remote control via a simple iPhone application or with apps that allow you to monitor energy consumption. This is the turn of RoboSmart, one less LED lamp parcel ilumi but just as functional and efficient.

RoboSmart was launched by Smart Home Labs. It is a system ofled illumination which allows users wireless control from their own smartphone, tablet or computer, Bluetooth technology is enough.

Just like iLumi, too RoboSmart is looking for funding on the IndieGoGo portal. The start-up that proposes it is the Smart Home Labs, of California. Interested parties can win a light bulb RoboSmart at $ 49. RoboSmart is the LED bulb that allows the management of lighting both from iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod ...) and Android. The application allows multiple control of multiple lamps, thanks to this system, you can decide to turn off the light in the kitchen and access it in the bedroom, even if you are comfortably seated in the living room.

There energy efficient light bulb produces light with a light intensity of up to 800 lumens. It is customizable in order to avoid light dispersion. The bulb has 100 levels of light intensity, all selectable from the portable device, as well as a very interesting option: the light is activated when the user passes by.

Why is it called RoboSmart?
The light bulb can also act as a light signal, alerting the user to the most important notifications such as the arrival of e-mails or messages from the social network. There light bulb 40w can also be managed by laptop and can be activated and deactivated through a timer or motion sensors. The Californian start-up for the financing of its light bulb RoboSmart, has decided to offer only the US standard 120V version. An Italian start-up could continue what Smart Home Labs started and launch similar innovations in Europe.

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