The fate of the Panda is in the hands of man

THE Panda everyone likes Chinese, they are the celibacy of the web and on facebook, every day, thousands of his photos are shared. Despite so much fame, the Panda it's kind of on the way extinction; of projections showed that i climate changes can lead to the demise of this species.

THE Panda wild need to bamboo to survive, bamboo plants are very sensitive to global warming and soon the Pandas will no longer have a habitat to live in.

The study was published in Nature Climate Change, and is the result of the combined work of a team of scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and researchers from Michigan State University. The report analyzed how i climate changes can affect the most common species of bamboo that cover the woods of northwestern China, the preferred geographical area for Panda.

Even the most optimistic scenarios indicate that the bamboo plants are destined to end and cause the actual fracture of the natural habitat of the Panda: by the end of the 21st century, Pandas will no longer have a place to live. Scientists analyzed the consequences of climate changes in the Qinling Mountains of Shaanxi Province. The Qinling Mountains are home to around 275 wild pandas.

THE panda Qinling they vary genetically from others giant pandas. They live confined to the northern part of China and their geographical isolation makes them particularly vulnerable to global warming.

Human progress complicates the life of the Pandas who, year after year, give up small portions of theirs natural habitat. Give up the bamboo it means putting an end to the whole species. What other challenges will the Panda to survive?

The bamboo it has an unusual reproductive cycle, some species foresee the appearance of a single flower which leads to reproduction every 30-35 years. This means that the plants of bamboo have an ability to adapt to climate changes very limited that for the Panda results in a lack of food supply.

Here's the sad truth: the fate of Panda is not in the hands of the nature but in those of man.

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