FarMaker: solutions for mini-farms

FarMaker: solutions for mini-farms

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A ready-to-use chicken coop-enclosure for sale on FarMaker

Who has never played FarmVille? Even the less frequent of Internet users has certainly heard of one of the most popular video games on the Web, the one where the goal is to build a farm step by step and make it work; which means selling its products but also making life peaceful for the inhabitants, including animals.

FarMaker it's a bit the same thing, with the difference that you can really build your own farm here, maybe not as big as Grandma Duck's but made of real things that you can touch and use. FarMaker how FarmVille makes possible the dream of many: to grow good and healthy vegetables yourself, to raise happy animals The difference is that FarMaker it's not a game.

FarMaker, e-commerce of solutions and products for rural life and animals, is aimed at two types of customers: the overburdened of the office who cultivate a passion for a ecological life and fans of the self-sufficient life, those for which doing everything yourself is the maximum satisfaction. The recession of recent years and the predictions on the future of the planet have added a third category, that of peasant-ecologists out of necessity: whoever has a piece of land should make a vegetable garden and try not to pollute it.

Here then is from FarMaker solutions and products for domestic and courtyard animals (dogs, cats, birds, chickens, rabbits and rodents) organic horticulture (solutions for patio gardens including a bathouse for anti-mosquito bats), ecological farms (cages and kits for chicken coops and rabbit hutches ) and other interesting ideas.

FarMaker it is a company but above all a set of values. “The entrepreneurial project - they tell us from the Belforte All’Isauro headquarters, in the province of Pesaro-Urbino - it matures during this era of economic crisis and, above all, of values. The idea was born with the aim of satisfying the growing need of people to change and to return to living in a healthier, more sustainable way and respecting the environment. Getting away from the chaos of the city in order not to go crazy or create small green oases in the city, is already not a hobby but a new lifestyle ".

The philosophy of FarMaker it is based on collaboration as an alternative to competition. “We are in favor of small, efficient and possibly self-sufficient communities. We value organizations based on people's specific skills and away from large corporations. What we do is in a certain sense the consequence of our peasant origins which made us know from an early age a life in contact with nature and animals, without waste and opposite to consumerism. A life that allows us to better appreciate what we have and use natural resources adequately ".

Products FarMaker they are handcrafted one by one, also made to measure and with customizations for every need. “We aim to develop a complete range of products to make a self-sufficient life possible with additional items for ecological farming, organic farming, mini generation of renewable energy, natural saving systems, etc. All production is based on knowledge, principles and values ​​of the past and is adapted to current needs while respecting the environment and our principles ".

Currently FarMaker creates about 50 basic artifacts with numerous variations, but the goal is to reach 150 objects by next year. People who want to change and adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle, with FarMaker have the opportunity to do so: not only for the products that Farmaker makes, but also for the documentation and information that the project is able to make available.

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