The Electric pavilion of the Bologna Motor Show

The Electric pavilion of the Bologna Motor Show

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A smart grid maid consisting of two photovoltaic panels that feed a charging column to fill up theelectric car parked in the garage. An idyllic setting that combines the supply of clean energy for personal mobility. Everyone would like one mobility so. To exhibit this model and much more, is the stand of eV-Now! on the occasion ofElectric City, the salon dedicated to sustainable mobility of the Bologna Motor Show.

The appointment is at Hall 25 of the Motor Show, in Bologna, from 5 to 9 December. eV-Now! is the exhibition stand in collaboration with EnergoClub Onlus, dedicated to the "Electric breakthrough". In the pavilion, in addition to the model described at the beginning, you can touch various models of electric mobility, from Tesla Roadster Sport to the two electric wheels protagonists of the TTX-GP championship.

It will be presented for the occasion eV-Trotter, the "Open" project of eV-Now which aims to facilitate access to the charging stations of electric cars. Currently, those who want to use an electricity column must have a subscription, with theeV-Trotter this need ceases to exist. The system integrates the authentication installed on board the columns through real roaming, just like with mobile phones; the supply of electricity takes place through a credit system and regulates payments from smartphones allowing owners to electric cars to access any eV-Trotter-compatible column. The system eV-Trotter will also be present on the first fast charging column dual system installed on the motorway network, another eV-Now project.

Who is not satisfied with to watch has the option of a Test Drive all electric on board theelectric car with extended autonomy Opel Ampera, elected car of the year 2012.

The Motor Show of Bologna is not alone mobility, as part of the Soleinrete campaign, EnergoClub takes the field with its experts and supports families and small businesses who are thinking of relying on renewable energies identifying the best solutions to your needs, we talk about photovoltaic systems, storage systems, heat pumps for domestic hot water, insulation, fixtures ...

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