Ethical cash mob

Ethical cash mob

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Group photo for GAS Pane e Rose

Also Solidarity Purchase Groups (GAS) experience the cash mob, the fashion of meeting in commercial establishments in crisis to support them with group purchases. The goal in this case is to lend a hand to the "friendly" stores that share the project of a sustainable supply chain, not just to cope with the fever from falling sales. In fact it is a new form of cash mob, an evolution of the original where the ethical aspect joins - or even replaces - the economic one. A kind of ethical cash mob.

An example of ethical cash mob is the initiative implemented by GAS Bread and Roses of Concorezzo and Vimercate (province of Monza and Brianza) last November 4th. Objective: to support the activity of a store of sustainable textile products, to which GAS was fond, in the challenging choice of moving its headquarters from the province to Milan city.

Something more than funding a shop with one-time cash, as the GAS Bread and Roses on his blog: The aim is not just to spend money, it would be a palliative to do it only once, but to transmit the values ​​that the shop embodies with a lively, concrete experience, encouraging people to visit it ”.

That of cash mob is a phenomenon born in the US in the summer of 2010 in the wake of flash mobs, informal events of people who, via the Internet, meet on a given day at a given time in a given place. To originate i cash mob it seems to have been the economic crisis that has involved the smaller businesses, starting the race of ideas to support them. The Net has proved to be the right tool thanks to email and social media, in short, to virality.

The arrival of the phenomenon in Italy was on 24 March 2012, coinciding with the first worldwide Cash Mob Day and with the birth of Cash Mob Milan on the initiative of Luca Valzania, a Roman internet user who moved to the Lombard capital. Cash mob as an anti-crisis tool for shopkeepers in difficulty was, on the US model, the original idea. Today GAS opens the era of ethical cash mob.

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