In Naples, a free pizza if you recycle the containers

In Naples, a free pizza if you recycle the containers

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Naples the race towards thecologia, this time he does it by taking the inhabitants by the throat ... you know, the Neapolitan is greedy and what's better than a free pizza to promote the good practice of recycling? Thus, the the municipality of Naples has decided to join the "European Week for Waste Reduction " with a special initiative: until 25 November, for every three empty containers, a free pizza.

For every three containers, one free pizza
The initiative was born in collaboration with theNeapolitan Pizzaiuli Association. Is called "Take away and take again”And provides for the delivery of a free pizza for citizens who order three pizzas at home and who resist the containers. The free pizza will be delivered to the next order.

The the municipality of Naples has supplied special take-away containers that are reusable and comply with all hygiene standards. The Pizzerias participating in the initiative are only the following:

  1. Trattoria Pizzeria Vanvitelli, Piazza Vanvitelli n.9 / C;
  2. Pizzeria Naples Naples, Via Tommaso De Amicis 12;
  3. Trattoria Pizzeria Caprese, Via Luca Giordano 25;
  4. Pizzeria Starita in Materdei, via Materdei, 27/28;
  5. Pizzeria Rossopomodoro, via Cimarosa, 144;
  6. Pizzeria Rossopomodoro, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 84;
  7. Pizzeria Rossopomodoro, via Partenope, 11;
  8. Pizzeria Rossopomodoro, Piazza Trieste and Trento, 7;
  9. Pizzeria Pizza and Side dishes, Via Massimo Stanzione, 27;
  10. Pizzeria Di Napoli, Via Marc'Antonio n.31-39;
  11. Antica Pizzeria Sorbillo, Via dei Tribunali n.32;
  12. Pizzeria Vesi, Piazzetta Miraglia n. 388.

In short, citizens and traders have an incentive to apply good environmental practice. On the one hand, citizens can pay homage to a pizza and, on the other, pizza chefs can count on a greater number of orders. With reusable containers everyone gains: customers, pizzerias and the environment!

In the photo, the famous Pizzeria in Naples, in Via Marc’Antonio

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