E.ON & Samsung: electricity and gas bills can be read on TV

E.ON & Samsung: electricity and gas bills can be read on TV

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Electricity and gas bills? From today it is possible to consult them from the TV, comfortably seated on the sofa at home. Not only that, thanks to technology SMART TV which transforms the TV into a hub (almost inevitable in Italian homes) of domestic communication, you can also create a digital archive of your invoices and get to know them CO emissions avoid thanks to the use of E.ON.

The announcement comes from E.ON Energy, a sales company of the E.ON Group, one of the largest energy groups in the world with entirely private capital, which in November 2012 began the launch of the application E.ON Energy TV made by modomodo, an Italian company that has developed an innovative application platform to allow businesses to interact with consumers through new generation devices. The launch concerns exclusively the SMART TV of Samsung and is also available in the smartphone version through the app E.ON Mobile Energy launched a year ago.

E.ON Energy TV allows you to consult all the information regarding E.ON electricity and gas supplies directly from the Samsung SMART TV at any time, allowing you to view bills and optimize home consumption. The app can be downloaded for free on Samsung SMART TV from SMART HUB - interface made with proprietary Samsung technology that allows you to fully customize your TV - and allows E.ON Energia to communicate interactively with all users through the TV.

Users of E.ON Energy TV through Samsung SMART TV will be able to carry out an energy check-up of their home to use energy more efficiently, cutting bill costs and making their own contribution to protecting the environment. Among the many features available (exclusively for E.ON Energy customers) there are also the archive of bills, self-reading of consumption and also a graph of CO emissions2 avoided thanks to the use of offers 100% renewable energy E.ON.

Samsung confirms itself as a company attentive to the issue of eco-sustainability, as confirmed by the recognition Lumen Award 2012 bestowed on technology LED and Smart Interaction of the Samsung ES8000 55-inch SMART TV to guarantee energy efficiency and respect for the environment. Defined a device environmental friendly, the SMART TV ensures consumption savings of 11% compared to previous models thanks to a lower presence of LEDs, offers opportunities for saving the remote control batteries through the revolutionary Smart Interaction technology, and is built using non-hazardous chemicals and almost all recyclable: the recyclability estimate of the components of the Samsung SMART TV is equal to 96.80%.

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