How to heat a cold greenhouse

How to heat a cold greenhouse

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A small one greenhouse, if equipped to control environmental conditions, it can offer the possibility of growing both vegetables and ornamental plants. The climate inside the greenhouse represents an ecosystem in its own right, but which can also be automated in cold periods to heat up if there was a need.

Any adjustments will be made only during particularly cold seasons. It is essential, before providing the greenhouse heating, know the ideal temperature of the air and soil necessary for the development of the plants to be cultivated.

How to heat a cold greenhouse without resorting to automated heating means
For small greenhouses to be used for the protection of ornamental plants such as azaleas, carnations, geraniums, gardenias, cyclamens, etc., no great effort is needed for the heating system: just orient them to the south and take advantage of the natural heat at no cost that comes from the sun.

Another solution is that of build the greenhouse leaning against one of the walls of the house normally heated in winter. In this case the heat that passes through the wall of the house, even if it is not much, is almost always sufficient to keep the inside of the greenhouse at a temperature of a few degrees above zero.
How to heat a cold greenhouse in unfavorable conditions.

If the greenhouse is in unfavorable conditions, the winter insolation may not be sufficient to keep it at a minimum temperature of 4-5 °, so a heating system for the colder periods. It will therefore be necessary to reproduce all the ideal temperature conditions to allow these plants to bear fruit by building a real covered garden in which, in pots or in stone or on the ground, the plants are grown. In this case, valid alternative methods are needed to keep the greenhouse at a constant temperature.

How to heat a cold greenhouse. Integrated photovoltaic system
To heat a cold greenhouse it is possible to use plants from renewable sources: it is sufficient to equip the greenhouses with a heating system that draws its energy from the foltovoltaic panels that exploit solar radiation. The opportunities offered by the energy account system should also not be underestimated.

For the photovoltaic system on the greenhouse it is advisable to use the integrated system which uses the frame and the glass covers of the greenhouses themselves.
For small greenhouses, the investment is modest. With 300 euros it is possible to heat small greenhouses of 15 square meters for forcing plants and vegetables. Just a panel that has the power of 150 W.

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