LightBird, the solar lamp

The sense of sight can only be exercised in the presence of light, which is why theelectric lighting it's necessary. In summer, when all the air conditioners are active, i black out, the energy crisis makes light an even more precious asset. We need electric light just when the sun goes down. L'solar power it is a resource to be exploited precisely in the hours of darkness. It is with this purpose that it was born LightBird, an accessory ready to give new experiences of light in the hours of darkness.

Like a small fan, the LightBird unfolds its wing photovoltaic and during the day it is able to absorb thesolar power. Thanks to its manufacturing materials, it can be anchored to any surface, from the house wall to the garden chairs, LightBird can illuminate anywhere. The photovoltaic area is flexible and can be closed during the night and opened wide during the day, the area that deals with the lighting consists of a high-efficiency LED light capable of consuming 70% less energy and having a duration of 4 times longer than that of a classic incandescent light bulb.

LightBird is a lighting project created by the Seoul Industrial Designer, originally from South Korea, Jang Eunhyuk. LightBird is not the only approach of designer Jang tosolar power. In the past we have seen the SolarLoop, a device that acted as a lamp in the absence of electrical connections.

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