From Michigan, the solar car

From Michigan, the solar car

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The way to conceive the mobility has completely changed. The advent of renewable it makes itself felt in every area and the transport sector seems to be very enthusiastic. After the big experiment of solar powered catamaran recently landed at the port of Cagliari, a new company arrives that unites solar power to sustainable mobility. The prototype was built by the students of the University of Michigan and the result is a surprise solar car.

The American Solar Car Challenge (ASCC) is famous and has numerous prototypes. The event is described as The Competition for solar powered vehicles. Here are 18 schools competing. In the ASCC scenario, it is the Michigan team that continues to dominate with their creations. L'solar car in question is called Quantum, described as a light and aerodynamic vehicle. With its high quality panels it stores energy that powers the lithium ion battery intended to power the engine.

The design sees a single-seater vehicle reaching 105 MPH, equivalent to 47 meters per second. The car showed high performance even in the rain. The production of solar powered vehicles it shouldn't be exclusive to US university competitions only. The boys from Michigan have shown that renewable energy can land directly in the transport sector, the solar-powered catamaran is its emblem: it has managed to go around the world using only solar power.

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