Paris, the Bus Stop of the Future inaugurated

Paris, the Bus Stop of the Future inaugurated

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While waiting for the next bus to pass, you can grab a snack at the bar, read a book or plan your trip. All this while staying comfortably at the bus stop intelligent. Already reality in Paris.

Those who often use the public transport he knows well that waiting can sometimes be unnerving, especially in some cities where the management of public transport it is not the best and traffic congestion can cause significant delays. What if waiting becomes a real recreational and useful moment?

  • take advantage of a free wi-fi hotspot
  • consult the books of a mini library
  • have a coffee at "bus stop bar
  • rent an electric bike
  • have access to neighborhood information
  • plan the rest of your trip

We talk a lot about optimize non-renewable resources, in fact, even our time is one non-renewable resourceSo why waste it standing on a stop waiting for the next bus? The RATP (Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens), responsible for Parisian transport, has created what has been baptized as the "bus stop of the future“, A futuristic bus stop.

The station has been described as a "place of social innovation“, It is the Diderot stop. This offers a range of services that go far beyond a bench and a display for consulting the bus timetables. At the Bus Stop of the Future you can rent an electric bicycle, have access to numerous information of public utility, free wi-fi, rent a book and enjoy a snack and a coffee in a nice cloister. The bus stop should encourage socialization.

It is not the first time that Paris deals with "bus stops ", in December 2010 the city of Paris collaborated with IKEA to make 12 bus stops easier. In this case the stops have been enriched with sofas, shelves, lighting and other decorations. There Bus Stop of the Future was created by urban designer Marc Aurel.

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