Green cooking with a pressure cooker

Green cooking with a pressure cooker

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There pressure cooker can rightly be considered a green accessory for his contribution to reduction of consumption in cooking food. The pressure formed inside allows you to cook in less time, enhancing the flavors of the cooked ingredients, resulting in a energy saving.

The pressure cooker has spread since the 1960s and its ease of use has meant that in France it was called "autocuiser"Because it cooks by itself, without the need for continuous checks. Pressure cookers are usually made of stainless steel, a hygienic and resistant metal, and have a special diffuser bottom that helps prevent food from sticking, thanks to optimal heat diffusion.

The brand best known by the general public is the historical one Lagostina, a name that has become synonymous with pressure cooker, which has made this object a concentrate of technology. Lagostina pots are all equipped with an operating valve, a safety valve (dual-acting, mechanical and thermal), a handle / button locking device that prevents accidental opening of the lid and a gasket, for cooking every time with maximum safety, even after prolonged use.

For those who are not satisfied, there are also special pots with two-pressure operating valve that allow you to choose, depending on the type of food to be cooked (vegetables and fish or meat), temperature (110 ° or 120 °) and pressure ( o, 5 atm or 1 atm): the highest pressure is suitable for long cooking meats, legumes and soups; the lower one for grilled vegetables, delicate fish and fillets and fruit.

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