Common Agricultural Policy, the proposals of the CoR

Common Agricultural Policy, the proposals of the CoR

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We told you about a new one Common Agricultural Policy that would safeguard biodiversity, today we return to talk about the CAP with the proposals of the CoR that foresee funds to innovate the territories and other policies that can make life easier for farmers Italians and Europeans.

There common agricultural policy it has and must have a strategic role for territorial and economic development. The Committee of the Regions meeting in Brussels had a long discussion hoping for one Pac more just than focusing onsustainable agriculture and on an implementation as close as possible to local realities.

Last October the European Commission has proposed new lines that should reform the Pac starting next 2013. The aim is to maintain the competitiveness of all types of agriculture and to ensure a balanced development of rural areas. According to the mayors and regional presidents who are members of the CoR, something of the Pac it should be revised.

The CoR calls for some decisions to be reviewed. For example, that relating to the abolition of quotas for milk and sugar and planting rights in the sector viticulture. Other requests concern the degressivity thresholds and a greater effort for areas with permanent natural handicaps.

Areas with natural handicaps, according to the CoR, should benefit from up to 10% of the funds from the first pillar of the Pac. There is still talk of funds but this time the CoR talks about rural development in favor of production in the name of quality andperi-urban agriculture. Still according to the voice of the CoR, support for research and agronomic innovation should not be lacking, which should be entitled to 10% of the funds provided for with the second pillar of Pac.

It should not be forgotten that the large agri-food industries crush small and medium-sized farms which too often are forced to close their doors. More than strategies, we need maneuvers aimed at protecting small and medium-sized producers who, especially in Italy, do not have an easy life.

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