Natural remedies for healthy skin

Natural remedies for healthy skin

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Taking care of the skin is important to counteract aging and maintain a vigorous appearance. There are natural remedies to maintain healthy and healthy skin. Have one healthy skin and luminous not only gives beauty to one's external appearance, but also gives a sense of harmony with oneself and full satisfaction.

In nature there are many components, thanks to which it is possible to prevent and improve the onset of wrinkles.

Today, many studies have developed regarding what nature can offer for heal the skin and numerous combinations of natural elements very useful for fighting skin blemishes.
On the market, there are now numerous products based on grape juice, lemon, orange, etc. In currants, bitter almonds, honey and fermented milk, beauty treatments are discovered. These are actually components, whose applications on the skin, cause beneficial effects. Real ones natural cures which induce, among other things, the elimination of dead skins found on the surface.

Natural remedies handed down and modified over the years, which at times proved to be really useful: we all tried some recipes recommended by our grandmother to relieve headaches, tummy or improve the appearance of the hair. Exist natural remedies also to counteract skin aging and keep it healthy and fresh, the ingredients to prepare these natural remedies they are simply found at the greengrocer's or herbalist's shop.

Healthy skin. Natural remedies with rosemary
Boil 50 g of rosemary flowers and leaves in a liter of boiling water for ten minutes: every evening it should be soaked in a cloth inside the boiled meat and applied to the face and neck for 45 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. (wait for the lotion to be sufficiently warm).
Healthy skin. Natural remedies with apples
macerate the peel of some quinces in sufficient brandy for 15 days; subsequently filter and store in a hermetically sealed bottle. The lotion should be applied to the face with a cotton pad twice a day.
Healthy skin. Natural remedies with almond oil
Spread a teaspoon of sweet almond or wheat germ oil on the face, massage to make it penetrate deeply, leave it on for an hour, then rinse with warm mineral water. This treatment is recommended 3 times a week for excellent results.
Healthy skin. Natural remedies with yogurt
Apply a jar of plain yogurt directly on the skin, wait 30 minutes before removing the remedy, rinse with warm water. The lactic acid in yogurt helps reduce the size of pores, tightens the skin and removes dead epidermis.
Healthy skin. Natural remedies with lemon
Boil the lemon or orange peel in water, and then apply it to the parts of the skin affected by acne.

Natural remedies for bags and dark circles:
Apply cucumber slices to your eyes for 15 minutes
Place cold tea spoons from the fridge on the dark circles and repeat the application at least 3 times for the duration for which the spoon remains cold. Get on the sockets of cold used green tea bags.

Also let's not forget to

  • Use non-alcoholic cleansers and toners containing plant extracts.
  • Use a moisturizer enriched with UVA / UVB protection factors twice a day (morning and evening).

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