The green economy brings one million jobs

The green economy brings one million jobs

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There green economy promises one million jobs by 2020. At least these are the data that emerge from the estimates, the new professional figures will be closely connected to the world of sustainability both for the production of renewable energy involved in the stages of a more efficient production chain.

The estimate was made known during the last National Congress of Engineers in 2011. The employment areas that will bring a million new jobs they will be closely related to energy sources and in the context of sustainable mobility.

This was stated by Romeo La Pietra, president of Study Center of the National Council of Engineers. The concession to which we refer took place in September 2011 and the data are also confirmed by the most market analyzes. As Romeo La Pietra explains:

"The new professional figures that will be most sought after will be closely linked to the choices that public decision-makers and businesses will make in terms of energy, infrastructure and financing policies".

The estimates do not see better employment rates only for engineers but for all experts and professionals who approach the green economy. For engineers alone, 20,000 to 40,000 jobs could be opened in the next 8 years in particular, engineers will be able to land in green economy through the most popular sectors such as: mechanics, construction, electromechanics, thermo-hydraulic, mobility and thermal renewables where Italy has a large market share.

With the development of the green economy new glimmers of hope are opening up for young Italian professionals who suffer a lot from precarious work and the crisis dictated by high unemployment rates. We just have to wait for the green turnaround of large companies and Italian administrations.

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