Milan at the center of the world, not just Expo 2015

Milan at the center of the world, not just Expo 2015

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We are at the 32nd edition of the International Tourism Exchange, the city of Milan he wants to redeem his image; Milan is not only the economic capital of Italy but the keeper of 11% of the national artistic heritage. This is the aim of the architect Sonia Sama ’, responsible, among other things, for the image ofExpo 2015 to the Bit.

All the World in the City, Milan at the Center of the World“, This is the Milanese slogan for Bit 2012, with a program dedicated to the discovery of cultures from all over the world. The initiative, presented in recent days, was born from the collaboration between the Department of Commerce, Productive Activities, Tourism and Territorial Marketing of the Municipality, Fiera Milano Spa, Expo 2015 Spa, some foreign tourism bodies and Brera Traders Association.

The event has 2,287 exhibitors representing over 5,000 tourist offers. There will be 6 pavilions that will occupy 100,000 square meters of surface until Sunday 19 January. About 100 thousand visitors from 130 different countries of the globe. A golden opportunity for Italian Travel Agencies, in fact, of the 60,000 professional operators 20% is represented by Italians, of this 20% travel agents from southern Italy represent only 12%, 20% the travel agencies in central Italy and as many as 68% travel agents in Northern Italy.

There Milan fair it is not just an opportunity to relaunch tourism but it is above all the perfect event to let the whole world know the greatness ofExpo 2015. The pavilion ofExpo welcomes visitors with relaxing music and projections on large screens where one of the greatest symbols of life, water, is highlighted. Water is the theme brought up byExpo 2015 to the Bit. The emblem of the City of Milan is a must as well as the plan of the immense area that will be occupied in 2015 by the Milanese International Exposition. Milan at the Center of the World, because it is not only the economic engine that drives Italy, the national artistic heritage present in the Milanese city is vast and ranges from the Teatro alla Scala to the Ambrosiana Library, without forgetting the various museums. To the Bit the pavilion Expo 2015 aims to involve all visitors and the Milanese themselves in the project Expo. Not so difficult for the Milanese, in fact, the latest estimates see the local companies very happy and enthusiastic about the event that will bring sure profits to the entire city.

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