In Reggio Emilia Eco Casa 2012

In Reggio Emilia Eco Casa 2012

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Who wouldn't want to live in a total green house, where the rays of the sun linger warm and bright between the warm color of the wooden shelves and the cascades of flowers? If living on the edge of a forest is not always possible, Eco Casa 2012 returns with the sixth edition to offer you new solutions.

And it promises to be a valuable aid in adopting new techniques and points of view, where sustainable becomes an adjective capable of identifying not only a choice in constructive terms, from materials to technological innovations, but also a project for the future.

Ecocasa 2012 will take place from 16 to 19 February at the Reggio Emilia exhibition center: seminars, conferences and a series of events during which citizens can discuss with the institutions, as well as open days where companies in the sector will present the most interesting news of the moment and even effervescent workshops on the eco-sustainable theme specially designed for an approach to the subject directed to the little ones. Ecocasa & Ecoimpresa Expò is in fact dedicated to sustainable architecture, energy saving and everything that can bring a reflection on the quality of housing and workplaces.

Today a multi-directional approach to the great question of ecology appears necessary: ​​protecting man and the environment become, much more than the symptom of a growing attention to nature, the signal that the present times need a change in the way we have used up to now towards the Earth and its resources. At the fair you will be able to feed your curiosity and the need for new knowledge thanks to an immersion in the products and the most advanced technological solutions for the construction and design sector: eco and bio-compatible materials and new living standards will allow for a reflection that is once again more mature and renewed in its being on the creation of an adequate living space, which can safeguard the environment and be a cozy nest for yourself and your family.

The main themes of this sixth edition of Eco Casa 2012 will be the identification of a Mediterranean sustainable architecture model, suitable for the Italian climate and the identification of intervention techniques necessary for the energy efficiency of existing buildings, which together with the development of renewable energy, will constitute the great commitment of construction in the coming years.

During Ecocasa & Ecoimpresa Expò, in Reggio Emilia from 16 to 19 February 2012, it will also debut the Abitare Mediterraneo brand. Materials, technologies, know-how: if a comparison with the rest of Europe appears necessary and obvious, the need for meditation on living and the styles of living in the Mediterranean area, where we live, is equally essential. Even the eco-villages project in the Emilian Apennines, which will be presented on the occasion of the Eco Casa 2012 event, is part of the debate between sustainable architecture and social, cultural, historical purposes: four days of meetings, discussions, seminars and a great adventure that calls us all, experts and citizens , to participate in the debate for a better future.

It will also be possible to carry out guided tours outside the fair of high energy efficiency architecture. During the days dedicated to Eco Casa 2012 are planned workshops on energy topics dedicated to children , moments of meetings for the citizen, open-day with companies who will present products and news dedicated to them and the presentation of eco-villages project of the Reggio Apennines.

Edited by Maddalena De Bernardi

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