Area C, the center of Milan closed to cars

Area C, the center of Milan closed to cars

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Area C, its motto is "C put less time". The project, which came into effect in Milan, provides for the payment of a ticket 5 euros to enter the perimeter of the circle of the Bastions. Access in Area C, from Monday to Friday, from 7.30 to 19.30, it will be free only for electric vehicles, mopeds, motorcycles, vehicles for the transport of the disabled and public transport. All the others will have to pay, the only one facilitation it will be for those who live in the Bastioni area, in fact they will pay a ticket of 2 euros and will have 40 free admissions per year. There is also a special rate for commercial vehicles, in fact they will pay a daily ticket of 5 euros which will allow them to free parking on blue lines for a maximum of two hours; alternatively i commercial vehicles they could choose a 3 euro ticket which, however, does not give any possibility of parking, an aspect that should not be underestimated given that inArea C there are no free parking spaces.

In the week before the debut ofArea C, over 700 Milanese families found a letter signed Giuliano Pisapia in the mailbox. The letter explains the purpose of the project: "'Transforming Milan into the city we want is not an easy road, it requires all of us to change habits and we know how difficult it is to do so"- the letter reads -"The launch will be accompanied by the strengthening of local public transport". The real objective of the provision is to reduce traffic private from 20 to 30%. Pisapia again writes: “they will improve the public transport system, they will expand thebike sharing and the network of cycle paths “. With the anti-traffic operation, the anti-pollution maneuver will start, especially because inArea C Petrol vehicles Euro 0, Diesel Euro 0, 1, 2, 3 will not be able to transit, even after purchasing the ticket. Electric, hybrid, biofuel cars, mopeds, motorcycles, electric vehicles and cars running on natural gas, LPG will have free access .

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