What to do indoors in quarantine

What to do indoors in quarantine

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What to do indoors in quarantine - Many of us these days do not have the opportunity to leave the house due to the limitations imposed by the authorities or because we are in quarantine for having come into contact with a person who tested positive or because we ourselves have symptoms similar to those of the Coronavirus Covid-19 .

In this article we thought we'd give you a good list of ideas on what to do at home in quarantine to create, fix, study, relax, have fun.

Overcoming this difficult time depends on us and on what our mind and imagination are capable of, on our ability to adapt and on the ability to make the most of the time we have to spend indoors in a productive way.

What to do indoors in quarantine in the kitchen

If you always have little time to prepare meals and often end up repeating the same recipes, since you do them automatically and without thinking, this is the time to enrich our repertoire of dishes experimenting with new ones with all the calm you need to follow the directions slavishly. We can specialize in sweets and biscuits, in jams or puddings, or try the flan that we have always wanted to challenge but have never been able to put our heads on.

In order not to risk preparing more than is possible to consume, we can also prepare some preserves or vegetables in oil or pickled that will remain for when we do not have time and desire to make it.

Always in the kitchen we can take advantage of it for arrange the pantry organizing the various foods to ensure that they are always in order of expiration date. This is a useful and practical way to avoid wasting good food, aging it in our lockers, causes unrest.

What to do in quarantine of useful for the house

Beyond the season we are experiencing, we can organize great cleanings like that of spring. Cabinets and drawers, shelves and bookcases. Instead of just removing dust and stains, let's take the opportunity to get rid of all that we have that is useless. Then we will definitely feel better. We can then choose to sell it in some flea market or through apps like Depop, recycle it or give it away to those who might like it.

This applies to books as well as to clothes, objects and accessories, jewelery and pieces of furniture. We will really realize how many things our home contains without our knowledge and we will stop claiming that there is no more space once we have completed this decluttering.

Always at home, we can think of some work to decorate the walls or furniture and refresh the environment. Works of DIY and decoupage they are perfect pastimes that go hand in hand with creative recycling but if we have to fix something broken or ruined, this is the time to stop putting off and taking action.

What to do to relax in quarantine

If we lack nature, forced to stay within the walls of the house, we can devote ourselves to plants right in the period in which they wake up. Let's take care of ours balcony, we clean the plants and give them space to bloom without suffocating, we clean the leaves and check their color. By checking the seasonality we can also prune the plants or thin them out to fortify them and leave room for sprouts.

To relax we can also turn on the TV, without exaggerating and choosing carefully what to devote our attention to. Lovers of movie they can find for free the opportunity to see or re-watch vintage films, those that have not been seen for a long time or have always wanted to see but then the desire to watch films that have just come out and about which everyone is talking prevailed. Between Italian and foreign production, there is really a lot to recover by letting ourselves be carried away by history.

Those who prefer can also dedicate themselves to documentaries. On the platform Netflix there are so many and often on topical issues such as environmental sustainability, entertainment, foreign policy. Well-packaged reportages that can open our eyes to aspects that we do not explore in the daily grind.

Speaking of deepening, we cannot forget the books. Novels, the long and heavy one that we may not have read yet because they are heavy in the stock market. The essays, which must be read continuously, so they are never read except on vacation. Foreign language books that often scare us and sound tiring. They can also be found online, for download, and the same goes for themed magazines for enthusiasts, ranging from photography to model making, from art to cooking or history.

Listen to quarantined music

If the music she is one of our best friends during normal times, having plenty of time to spend at home becomes even more so!

In addition to listening to your favorite songs, you can dedicate yourself to discovering new musical genres or creating motivating playlists to use for physical activity at home to keep fit.

If you have a SmartTV or simply by visiting YouTube you can also watch and listen to entire concerts for free, spending hours of pure fun.

Training indoors in confined spaces

If you think you necessarily need a gym or large spaces to keep fit, you are wrong!

Even at home you can train with lots of exercises or video courses that will allow you to burn calories or strengthen your muscles.

The best way to find what is right for you is to go to and search using the keywords that interest you most such as "abdominal training", "get fit in 10 minutes", "yoga to relax" and so on. .

You will find lots of quality content to choose from and play with your smartphone or, better yet, with a tablet if you have one available.

For example, you could start with this video dedicated to showing you very simple but effective exercises to do in 15 minutes:

What to do indoors in quarantine with children

Those who have children to manage at home for longer than the classic rainy afternoon may find themselves running out of ideas. By taking advantage of their agile imagination, however, you can take flight starting from small things. There are many books dedicated to what to do at home with children, playing. This is curious because it is also rich in riddles that stimulate children and make them curious, can become real challenges.

Why not take advantage of it to better observe the reality that surrounds us and try to understand how it works? With a little scientist's eye and 365 proposals for experiments to organize at home. It will be a real journey into physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology but all in the form of a game with many engaging and first of all fun practical activities.

Making, creating, producing is certainly one of the most attractive things to do at home with children, so we can draw but also learn new techniques such as collage, painting, watercolors. If we have shoeboxes to throw away, let's turn them into small sculptures or pictures by offering the little ones to decorate their bedroom with works made by themselves.

What to do at home for ourselves

At home, we can also avoid boredom by reacting with a kidney blow and deciding to use the time of the quarantine to invest in ourselves, professionally or personally, provided this difference exists. Flake online courses of …. All. From make-up tutorials to gymnastics or yoga exercises, from DIY and cooking classes to programming ones. Free or paid, we can find a really wide range of opportunities to improve ourselves, to add one competence to our curriculum vitae or to reinforce that shaky English or take a step forward on the French or Spanish that we have neglected.

In addition to the videos, I invite you to also look for the podcast which for many activities can be very useful, practical and serious.

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