What to do with the dog at home

What to do with the dog at home

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The problem of what to do with the dog at home it recurs in every rainy season against which you come across, in spring or autumn, or in the month that happens since recently there are no longer many rules with the seasons. It can happen not only because of the climate but also due to external and unforeseen causes such as a pandemic - who would never have imagined it before - which forces us to go out as little as possible. It is true that we dog owners are allowed to put our noses in the street and take a walk on 6 legs with our faithful friend, which is why so many envy us, but we certainly cannot do those long walks that give satisfaction to both. Play times in dog areas should also be excluded, due to the risk of not respecting the social distance, and in many cases even running in the meadows, if we don't live near the countryside.

What to do with the dog at home

Let's go back to discover the domestic size also in our relationship with the dog and we try to find out how to have fun with the little things that are inside the four walls. How can we experience ourselves, closed at home, you are not terribly feeling if you have things to do, if you keep yourself busy and you can also do some physical activity which certainly brings good mood, as well as doing well.

So here are some indications of games that we can offer to our dog by spending some of our time with him, it will be good for both of us, perhaps more for us than for him: it's a competition! When you return to being able to stay outdoors for hours, there are other tips to not stop having fun playing with our dog

What to do with the dog at home: hide and seek

This word most likely brings us back to our childhood and to the many afternoons spent finding new places in the house or in the courtyard, where we don't get caught. With the same logic we can also play with our dog and, of course, we have to hide and he has to find us. Of course, for him it is a child's play with the sense of smell he finds himself, so we have to work hard to make the game a little fun.

On a practical level, since the dog does not know how to count like us, we need a second person to hold the dog still while we hide, and then free him. He will have a lot of fun and you will see how wags his tail satisfied when he finds you behind some door, in a closet or under the bed. Be careful where you hide, however, because in order to find yourself even scratching a door that does not open with your paws, because your smell tells him he guessed it.

What to do with the dog at home: bone hunting

Each has its own concept of treasure and for a quadruped like your dog it can only be a tasty bone like these, convenient to buy on Amazon and then to hide around the house. Again, there is no delicate place or place to keep sterilized because in front of the idea of ​​a chewing bone, the dog does not freeze to please us

This time we can organize ourselves to play with him, we close him for a few minutes in a room and go to hide the bone, then free him and we say to the dog "search". We can also give some clues, to suggest where he should go, but without making the game too easy because it has to stimulate him. This game is not always understood at the first try, let's behave as if we were explaining it to a Martian, then he will get carried away and have a lot of fun.

What to do with the dog at home: other games

These were the two great classics, stolen from children and slightly adapted, but there are other games to propose for those who are now wondering what to do with the dog at home for don't make him bored and lazy, physically but also mentally. We take into account that it is very important that the dog is stimulated.

He has to “think”, smell, learn something, otherwise he won't have fun and go back to the armchair or the sofa. Any game we play, this is to be remembered, as it is to be remembered that it is a dog so since we are at home we must prevent any damage that he can create in the various rooms, taken by the heat of playing.

Among the games to offer is kong. Here you need a little inventiveness, as well as a little dexterity. We need to find or build an object that can hold one canine snack. Then, when we give it to the dog, it will spend hours trying to disengage it and eat it and we can rest for a while. Snacks like these are perfect and can be found on Amazon.

Alternatively, if we need to let him vent but can't take him to a meadow to run, we can take advantage a ladder if we have one in the building or in our little house. We stand at the top and toss his favorite game or ball down the stairs, letting him catch it, and continue up and down, as if there was no tomorrow, as long as you want. Attention in the condominium because it is known that dogs do not take the stairs in silence.

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