Rice milk: properties and other information

Rice milk: properties and other information

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Rice milk, properties and info: nutritional values ​​and comparison with other types of vegetable milk.

Therice milkit is produced from brown rice grains and is not the only derivative of this cereal. From the rice plant, in the food sector, we obtain therice flour, the amazake sweetener, fermented drinks, alcoholic beverages andrice starch, widely used in cooking and also in natural cosmetics as a beauty product.

Rice milk isnaturally sweetened, or rather, its sweetness is dictated by a completely natural enzymatic process that transforms carbohydrates into simple sugars, in particular glucose. Despite the natural sweetness of rice milk, the products we find on the market are further enriched with sugars orcane syrup(for further information: sugar cane juice).

Therice milkit is not the only vegetable milk produced from a cereal. Betweentypes of vegetable milk obtained from widespread cereals are oat milk, barley milk and spelled milk.

Rice milk and cow's milk

The comparison between vegetable milk and cow's milk arises spontaneously. Compared to cow's milk, therice milkit contains more carbohydrates but does not contain significant amounts of calcium or protein. It does not contain cholesterol or lactose. The rice milk that we find on the market is often enriched with vitamins and mineral salts, in particular with calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin B3 and iron.

The rice milk is used as an alternative to cow's milk by people who suffer from lactose intolerance, milk protein allergy, soy allergy or suffer fromphenylketonuria. It is also used among thevegans even if due to its nutritional properties, it is not a valid alternative to cow's milk.

How to make rice milk at home

Rice milk is prepared by pressing rice grains in special mills. In the domestic environment, the rice milkit can be prepared from rice flour and protein preparations. Alternatively, the domestic preparation of therice milkexploits the high temperatures: brown rice is boiled in a large volume of water and mixed until a slightly thicker liquid, rice milk, is obtained. For the instructions and the complete recipe of rice milk, please read the pagehomemade rice milk.

Therice milkit can be flavored with vanilla, chocolate or almonds and can be used in many recipes as an alternative to cow's milk.

Rice milk, nutritional properties

Rice milk contains no fat and is gluten-free. Herlightnessmakes it perfect for those with digestive problems. The shapesunsweetenedthey have a low caloric impact however it is always good to check themnutritional propertiesindicated on the label. As stated, the rice milk that we find on the market can be enriched with different micronutrients or with other ingredients such as extracts, syrups or sugars.

Typically, therice milkthat we find on the market contains 70 calories per 100 ml of product. Enough if we consider that cow's milksemi-skimmedit brings about 42.

Not just milk, other rice-based drinks

Rice milk is not the only drink produced from this cereal. A drink similar to almond barley is produced from the grains of rice and also different types of fermented drinks.

In Japan, therice tea, better known asGenmaicha,which translated literally meansbrown rice tea. It is a green tea mixed with brown rice (pictured above).

If we Westerners drink beer made from barley malt, Korea's most popular alcoholic drink is calledSojuand it is a distillate produced from rice. Its alcohol content varies from 16.7% to 45%. In Korea it is also very commonMakegeolli,an alcoholic drink prepared from a mixture of rice and wheat, has a milky consistency similar to ourslimoncello cream and it is very sweet.

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