Orange peel skin: causes and natural remedies

Orange peel skin: causes and natural remedies

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Orange peel skin: the causes and natural remedies to eliminate it. Useful tips and how the orange peel skin is formed.

It is one of the most common problems for women all over the world. And he is also one of the toughest enemies, considering that of orange peel skin we speak more and more often, but less and less frequently we can understand how to eradicate cellulite.

Which, after all, leads us to understand one thing: to counteract orange peel skin it is not the equivalent of a walk, considering that it is necessary to act synergistically, on several fronts, and with tenacious patience.
But what exactly is orange peel skin? And how can we try to counter it with the main natural remedies available to us today?

What is orange peel skin

There orange peel skin it is an accumulation of adiposity caused by the stagnation of liquids. Most of the time this problem is favored by a venous insufficiency, for which the superficial skin tissues are unable to properly drain the liquids which, consequently, stagnate in specific areas of the body.

Therecelluliteand in particular the so-called "Orange peel”May be more common in those with lower limb fatigue and swollen feet.

Cellulite on the thighs and buttocks

As all women affected by it can confirm to you (about 80% of those over the age of 20, regardless of body weight), the areas of the body most prone to develop this problem are the thighs and buttocks, giving a slightly toned appearance and, in some cases, even coming to jeopardize the peaceful development of one's life. But how to counteract orange peel skin?

Natural remedies for orange peel skin

Let's go in order, starting with the main natural remedy which, in addition to giving you a concrete hand to combat orange peel skin, will obviously be a good "contributor" to the entire health of the body: hydration!

Try to drink 2 liters of water a day (to be revised upwards in case you are exercising, or the day is particularly hot): water retention is, as we have seen, one of the main causes of this problem, and water plays the key role of promote lymphatic circulation and sanguine. Prefer still water to sparkling water, and avoid sugary drinks.

The second suggestion we want to give you is to practice sports on a regular basis. A sedentary lifestyle is indeed a malus able to favor it development and worsening of cellulite.

Practicing a consistent sporting activity promotes circulation making the skin more elastic.

Swimming is one of the most suitable sports for this purpose: in addition to allowing you a complete workout of every muscle in the body, contact with water promotes a draining message of the tissues.

To this mosaic we can only add the advice to follow a healthy and correct diet. Avoid sweets and fried foods, rich in fats and sugars, and favor larger doses of vegetables, especially raw or steamed.

Salt: enemy number one!

In this brief nutritional note, let us also advise you to reduce your salt intake habits.

In fact, salt aggravates water retention problems and, therefore, prepares the "field" for a worsening of cellulite.

Therefore, start by adding less salt to the dishes you prepare, favoring other healthier spices, or perhaps lemon or vinegar, which will make you rediscover new flavors or ... the original flavors of the dish you excessively save! Also contain the consumption of packaged foods, which are usually more salty than necessary, as well as those preserved in salt or subject to transformation, such as potato chips in bags.

And are anti-cellulite creams really useful?

The answer is positive but… certainly not alone! Therefore, avoid thinking of anti-cellulite creams as a sort of panacea that can cure any type of orange peel skin.

The anti-cellulite creams they are certainly useful, but they must never be understood as an isolated treatment compared to the other suggestions that we have been able to affirm in the last few lines. Think therefore of these pharmaceutical products as a sort of completion of the framework that we have developed above, and which will certainly be useful for accelerating a better state of well-being!

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