Sunflowers in pots, cultivation instructions

Sunflowers in pots, cultivation instructions

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Can sunflowers be grown in pots? Sure. Here is the procedure, step by step, to get a gorgeous onecultivation of sunflowers in pots.

If you want to grow a single pot sunflower, you will need a container with a diameter of at least 20 cm. To grow potted sunflowers, placing more plants in the same container, you will need to have a larger planter.

Sunflowers in pots

The cultivation of sunflowers is simple: in the open field the sunflower needs irrigation only in the first phase of development, once adult the sunflowers resist drought. If you meangrow sunflowers in potsinstead, you will need to wet the soil at each stage of plant growth.

Ingrow sunflowers in potsthere is also a risk of fungal diseases: if the density of plants in a single planter is excessive, the risk of rust, mold, rot and other diseases increases. That is why it is important to respect adequate space between the different plants in the same pot.

The space to leave between the plants ofsunflower in potit goes from 25-30 up to 60-70 cm for the varieties ofgiant sunflower.

For the pot, you will need to use a soil with a pH between 6 and 7.5. For sunflowers, in fact, both slightly acid soils and slightly alkaline soils are good. It is important, however, that the soil is well drained, so you have two choices:

  • Arrange a layer of draining material on the bottom of the pot (gravel, shards of old pots, expanded clay ...)
  • Mix a few handfuls of sand with the soil, to improve water flow.

Once the plants begin to develop, all you have to do is check the soil moisture. Irrigate ipotted sunflowerswaiting for the soil to dry completely between one wetting and the next.

Sowing of sunflowers in pots

Growing sunflowers in pots, as mentioned above, is a simple operation. The seeds should be buried at a depth of about 3 cm. The cultivation soil must be soft and well worked. For this reason, we recommend that you sow andgrow sunflowers in potsusing purchased soil.

If you are using your garden soil because you are confident in its fertility, you'd better sift it before you start planting and growing potted sunflowers.

The first thing to do to grow a potted sunflower is to sow it. If you use a pot for each individual plant, place the seed exactly in the center. Alternatively, stick to the distance suggested on the seed packet. For field sunflowers, you can leave a space of 25 cm between one plant and another.

If you want to "gamble" you can also sow sunflowers in pots at a distance of 15 cm between the plants. In this case, however, you will have to observe the cultivation carefully so as to thin out some plants if you notice the first signs of mold or rot.

A higher density, in pots, can be better tolerated if the area in which you grow potted sunflowers is well ventilated.

Exposure and care for growing potted sunflowers

To have a good number of plants in the same container you will need to make sure that:

  • The plants are well ventilated. Choose a well-ventilated area so you can increase the number of plants per pot.
  • Ventilated yes but not windy. Plants want air but not wind. The strong wind bends the slender stems of the sunflower plants. Arrange a screen close to the pot if you intend to grow sunflowers on the balcony of the house and live at the highest peak, where there is more wind!
  • Sunflowers love full sun.
  • The soil is completely dry between one wetting and the next.

The cultivation of sunflowers in the garden does not require fertilizers or other special care ... but when growing in pots you will have to add a granular fertilizer or organic material to the soil (compost, mature manure ...). Compost, as well as mature manure, will help the plant develop.

Water more carefully 20 days before and just after flowering.

Sunflower seed to grow

If you intend to grow sunflowers in abundance, you can purchase sachets of seeds suitable for cultivation. A sachet of sunflower seeds to plant can be bought on Amazon at a price of € 6.40 with free shipping. For all information on the product you can visit the "Amazon official page"Dedicated to the seeds ofhelianthus annuus(sunflower). The manufacturer claims that these are giant sunflowers, however, from direct experience I tell you that the classic field sunflowers will come to you.

Please note: if you likegrow a sunflower single, you can buy plants already developed both on Amazon and at specialized nurseries.

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