Solar umbrella

Solar umbrella

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A photovoltaic umbrella capable of protecting us from the sun and recharging recharge our devices? L'sun umbrella exploits the technology of organic photovoltaics, these are flexible, non-toxic, unbreakable solar cells made with recyclable materials.

L'sun umbrella uses a photoreactive polymer that allows the production of solar panels organic, thin, flexible and semi-transparent. These overtime solar panels they will be able to transform light into electricity, everywhere, even on the beach or in the garden! Just put the sun umbrella in the garden or on the terrace and you are ready to supply clean energy!

L'sun umbrella captures the sun's energy to provide clean electricity ready for use, alternatively the energy can be stored in a battery and used later. The battery is really easy to use, with a Plug and Play system and the charge status indicators, they are suitable for recharging any portable device.

To give an extra gear tosun umbrella, is its business derivation given by the very Italian Cda Cantagallo, of Pollenza, in the province of Macerata.

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