In Romagna the green techno-beach

In Romagna the green techno-beach

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Technology makes beaches greener

In Bellaria-Igea Marina on the Romagna Riviera there is the techno-beach more green of Italy. Photovoltaic umbrellas with remote management, lighting systems equipped with systems for the efficient management of consumption, recharge for vehicles e electric bicycles and real-time information on air quality are the new options available to swimmers, who find the sun, the sea and new hi-tech comfort inspired by green economy.

At the origin of the techno-beach Romagna, there is a larger project aimed at making the beaches safer, more efficient and eco-sustainable through innovative technological services. The initiative is promoted by Telecom Italia and from society Umpi and is based on an intelligent platform of cloud computing which also enables the wi-fi connectivity for the Internet connection and a video surveillance system for the prevention of thefts on the beach. Obviously there is a system of remote assistance for the safety of guests and the rescue of bathers in case of need.

Given the extension of the beaches in Italy, the project could be extended and replicated on a much larger scale involving up to 12,000 bathing establishments, many are currently active in the peninsula. The turnover of beach operators in Italy for activities related to the use of the beaches is estimated at around 650 million euros.

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