The WWF Biodegradable Cover

The WWF Biodegradable Cover

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Some time ago we already told you aboutiNature, the first cover 100% biodegradableand 100% made in Italy. Thanks toiNatureMade in Italy innovation became known overseas, initially winning the famous CES 2012 award for the categoryEco-Design and Sustinable Technologies productand then disembarking in the Land of the Rising Sun.

The particularity of iNature is the material: abioplasticcapable of degrading within a few months. Therebiodegradable coveris available for both iPhone and Samsung smartphones and its environmental sensitivity has also affected the WWF: the partnership between WWF and iNature was born biodegradable coverthat respects the environment and protects animals.

Millions of are produced worldwide every year cover in plastic or silicone for iPhones and other mobile devices, with the consequent production of as much waste that they will usecenturiesto dispose of. Tests conducted oniNature biodegradable covershave highlighted the timing of disposal of the cover: the custody takes only 112 days to become "compost".


Usebiodegradable coversis a small contribution to the global fight against pollution, the reduction of waste and harmful emissions, in addition, if thecoverisWWF license plate, you have the opportunity to directly help a non-governmental organization that fights for animal protection.

Therebiodegradable coveriNatureWWF license plate has no cost! Those who want it can get it by making a simple free donation to the WWF. In other words, WWF will pay homage to the iNature biodegradable coverfollowing a donation.


Notes on iNature material
The iNature cover they are produced with an internationally patented material, partially derived from renewable resources. During normal use, this material behaves like any other plastic, not degrading in contact with air or water. At the end of its life cycle, the biodegradable cover iNature must be disposed of in compost-type waste, that is, in the wet.

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