Warts in the pool: how to prevent them

Warts in the pool: how to prevent them

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It is not pleasant to have any warts and a classic one for which you can only get angry with warts in the pool. You go to swim, to relax, to feel good about your body, sometimes to train, and you come home with a nagging problem. This does not happen in all pools, on the contrary, but it is always good to know how to do it to prevent warts, enjoying more the tubs we do.

It is not that swimming pools are “dirtier” places than others, they are simply one perfect habitat for fungi, bacteria and warts that are very easy to contract here due to the heat-humidity and crowding. It is better to be cautious, to respect basic hygiene rules in order to avoid being infected with bacterial infections.

Warts in the pool: symptoms

Let's start by seeing how the warts and what kind of problem they are. They derive from the Latin, from the word excrescence, and are actually small, gray-yellow hemispherical protuberances. In theory they can appear anywhere but in most cases we will see them ticked on the hands and feet, the most frequent points of contact,

It is not said that they hurt, we do not connect the pain in warts because they can cause only a slight discomfort or even that. They are caused by a viral infection linked to one of the many HPVs (Human Papilloma Virus). In total there are over 70, all of which can attack humans and their immune defenses.

Warts in the pool: how they contract

In addition to the public swimming pools there are other places where it is easier contract warts, so it's best to stay on your guard. I am referring, for example, to public bathrooms or common showers, or to all those situations of promiscuity in which bacteria can more easily be transmitted from one subject to another.

Let's not expect any immediate effects, It is not so. We may have to wait 9 months to see a wart appear, or a couple, but it is certainly a virus that has a very slow incubation and in the meantime we often do not notice anything because the skin seems to swell slowly, without causing any pain.

Everyone can take the warts in the pool, people of any sex and age, but usually the most affected are the elderly and children, as well as all those who have very low immune defenses for other unrelated health problems. Children are more likely to be pool-goers, and are perhaps less aware of the risk of lack of hygiene in these situations, so they are in fact the most affected. However, we can try to prevent the problem by avoiding risky behaviors as much as possible. Let's see what they are.

Warts in the pool: how to prevent them

There are some behaviors to avoid to minimize the odds of get warts, in the pool or elsewhere.
Going to the pool or to hot-humid and crowded places with pre-existing skin lesions can be risky as can walking barefoot in the changing rooms or public restrooms. If we have weak immune defenses, we are certainly bound to be more cautious than ever in these situations.

As for the footwear we wear, certainly not in the swimming pool, but during our day, we try not to keep them humid and to choose them by observing the material with which they are made and which must be at the most breathable. If we are in the pool, however, we must be careful about the accessories we use. In this case we have to be a little "selfish" by avoiding as much as possible to lend or share towels, bathrobes, slippers and nail care items.

Warts in the pool: how to cure them

So far we have tried to prevent warts, but if we are still victims, we try to cure them. The sooner you intervene, the better, of course, because these bumps can increase in size and cause more and more pain or discomfort. Sometimes, even if ignored, it regresses and disappears, but don't rely on chance and I would try to cure it as soon as possible.

There are several products that contain salicylic acid, capable of dissolving the scales and therefore to heal us, they can be ointments or other drugs, they are called keratolytics and must be applied in an extremely constant and regular way to stem the effects of the wart and make it regress day after day. There are those who prefer spreads or pens to press on the localized point, or gels. The important thing is to find the most convenient format to make sure you can apply the drug as prescribed.

There are also "one shot" remedies, once and for all, such as the cryotherapy, a surgical therapy that freezes the wart with liquid nitrogen, laser and surgical removal. In these cases it is the doctor who decides what is best to do, from time to time, by evaluating our health, our age and even the size of the wart itself.

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