Take care of the vegetable garden in a natural way

Take care of the vegetable garden in a natural way

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Take care of the vegetable garden in a natural way: a practical guide to natural plant care, to avoid pesticides and all sorts of chemicals. From natural insecticides to herbal antifungals, here are all the natural remedies for garden care.

There are many natural remedies for the organic garden. On this page we will list a number ofnatural remedies for gardeningfrom the most common ailments. Lots of natural treatments, even unsuspected ones: did you know that sodium bicarbonate is excellent against various garden diseases? Here ... let's start with this!

Take care of the vegetable garden in a natural way

Remember thatPrevention is better than cureand in the garden this proverb is even more valid. When parasites appear we are forced to intervene very drastically and sometimes even sacrifice the crop.

Thanks to preventive treatments and proper maintenance (weeding, scraping, fertilization, good aeration ...) we can obtain ahealthy vegetable gardenand especially withzero pesticides. Herehow to take care of the vegetable garden in a natural way.

Sodium bicarbonate

This fine, white powder is well known in cooking. We use baking soda against heartburn, to clean silver, for personal hygiene and ... fornatural plant care.

Sodium bicarbonate can be useful for combating and preventing very common fungal diseases such as powdery mildew and downy mildew.

How to use this remedy for the garden? Dilute the baking soda in water, shake, transfer to a sprayer and spray on the plants to be treated. 100 grams of product are enough for 10 liters of water. It is used for preventive purposes or to contain infestations at the first symptoms.


The DIY hydroalcoholic tincture based on propolis can be used to combat downy mildew, powdery mildew, peach blister and other parasitic diseases. For all the info on the properties of propolis and how to prepare the hydroalcoholic tincture we invite you to visit the page: propolis for plant care.


Extracted from mineral deposits and for this reason it is also called rock dust. It is not used to fight disease but to make the plant stronger and more resistant. It increases the water retention of the soil and improves the defenses of the plant. This product is added to the soil to improve the rooting of plants. Also excellent for cuttings and for repotting citrus fruits and ornamental plants.

Macerate of nettle

It is prepared with a kilo of fresh nettle soaked for 24 hours in 10 liters of water, to be stirred every now and then. The solution obtained can be sprayed directly on the plants and works both as a preventive treatment against various fungal diseases, and as a natural fertilizer.

Ground lupine

It is an effective and powerful organic fertilizer. Generally the recommended doses foresee to distribute, evenly, from 80 to 120 grams of ground lupins per square meter of soil. The dosages for the jars are around 40 - 60 grams of ground lupins to be administered in containers with a diameter of 30 - 50 cm. For info on properties and where to find it, please refer to the dedicated page: ground lupine.


Garlic is excellent natural remedy for garden care. All information on using garlic to protect the garden from parasites is available in the article dedicated togarlic as a pesticide.


Pyrethrum is an insecticide allowed in organic farming, however, we recommend using it with caution because its effect is wide-ranging. There are several pyrethrum-based insecticides on the market, they can be purchased in the form of powder, spray or concentrated liquid solution, to be diluted with water before use.

L'natural insecticide pyrethrum-based can be purchased at specialized garden centers or can be purchased online: a package of Solabiol Piretro Actigreen Bio is offered on Amazon at a price of € 15.25 with free shipping. For all the info, I refer you to the official Amazon product page: Actigreen Bio Liquid solution.

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