MCE 2019 Mobility Conference Exhibition

MCE 2019 Mobility Conference Exhibition

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In one of the most innovative and smart cities, we talk about mobility looking to the future but above all to today to try to improve it. The appointment with the MCE Mobility Conference Exhibition and the March 18 and May 17, this 2019 is the sixteenth edition and once again calls a Milan innovative startups, excellent companies and the most important institutions to “give a move” to mobility and the infrastructures on which the Italian one is based today.

Organized by Assolombarda and from Chamber of Commerce of Milan Monza Brianza Lodi, this is the Italian reference event on these issues and those who want to be the protagonist of innovation in this sector cannot miss it.

Let's see the program and the opportunities offered by this MCE Mobility Conference Exhibition which promises to be interesting and disruptive at least when its previous editions, if not more.

MCE Mobility Conference Exhibition: program

The two-day mobility consists of two main events, one sees the participation of institutions and corporate companies, the other is more dedicated to startups and innovative companies. The first appointment is a real meeting scheduled for the morning of March 18 where we will focus attention on the concept of smart city, in constant evolution. The second takes up a whole day, that of May 17, and was organized to encourage matching between companies and startups that can join forces and collaborate to innovate in the mobility sector.


The March 18 at the Assolombarda Auditorium (Via Pantano, 9 - Milan) starting from 10 for the whole morning we will talk about Smart City and how to "Move into the future with fixed points"

This time the focus is on cities and their role in the field of mobility. They are increasingly populous, in Italy as elsewhere, and have an increasing number of challenges to face. How do they prepare to win them in a sustainable way? This is what will be discussed during this second morning of the MCE Mobility Conference Exhibition which provides a specific focus on concrete solutions for intelligent mobility management.

This meeting is not only informative but requires companies and institutions to play a proactive role by sharing good practices and presenting concrete solutions and proposals. On this occasion the document with proposals to improve urban freight logistics in the Milan area, achieved thanks to the technical contribution of major companies in the sector, with the aim of consolidating the role of the business system in interacting with policy makers for the definition of public policies on mobility.

MCE 4X4 2019

This is the name of the appointment dedicated to startups that will take place on 17 May from 10 to 18.30 at Palazzo Mezzanotte (Piazza degli Affari, 6 - Milan). The name refers to a fast and powerful way of traveling, with many ideas and projects, towards the mobility of the future. Specifically, on this day, meetings and collaborations between startups, SMEs and corporates are encouraged, in particular 16 selected startups will meet the participating companies to create joint opportunities. All this will be made easier by the existence of 4 thematic areas (superINTERACTION; superCLEANTECH; superENTERPRISE; superSERVICES). During the more than 8 hours of MCE Mobility Conference Exhibition there will be 4 key moments to keep the pace of the future that becomes present: Tandem Meeting and Business Speed ​​Date are those dedicated to the one-to-one meeting between SMEs, corporates and startups while Future Storming is a sort of round table on the present and future of mobility. Then comes Exhibition, then the moment of presentation of the 16 selected startups, an opportunity to get to know and touch the future trends of mobility.

Thanks to the collaboration of Nuvolab, venture accelerator and innovation advisor, who will have the role of advisor of the initiative, all players in the sector are invited to participate in this event, first of all startups but not only. To prepare for this event, a call for ideas has been organized for innovative startups operating in the 4 major sectors that represent the future of mobility: SuperINTERACTION, SuperCLEANTECH, SuperSERVICES, SuperENTERPRISE. Registrations for the call for ideas for startups are open from March 5th, more information is available on the official website of the MCE Mobility Conference Exhibition. (

MCE Mobility Conference Exhibition 2018

While waiting for edition number 16, let's take a look at the previous one, which met with great success. A total of 400 companies participated and 60 companies participated in the business speed dates with the startups at the MCE 4 × 4, a day that in 2018 counted 100 tandem meetings between companies and startups and companies among themselves. Also on the occasion of the appointment with the startups, the hashtag # MCE4X4 has counted over 12 million views. The speakers involved last year were 27, while 22 accredited journalists and photographers have produced together with other colleagues 92 articles in newspapers and online. In two months of launch, the MCE 2018 website counted 7,058 and also on the social side the event attracted the attention of many, the numbers say so: 4,062 total interactions, 506 shares and 1,606 likes.

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