How to build a pen holder

How to build a pen holder

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Any office, school or home will need a pen or pencil holder. Instead of traveling miles to buy one, why don't you decide to do it at home at no cost? Yes, yes! At no cost! You won't have to spend a single cent for build the pen holder because it will be made entirely from recycled materials. In this way you will combine the usefulness of a pen holder to protect the environment, you will also be able to discover the art ofdo-it-yourself so you can start cultivating a new hobby!

What do you need for build a pen holder?
Utility knife - scissors
An empty detergent bottle (e.g. bleach or similar!)

Use the cutter to drill a hole in the lower part of the container handle. Make sure you leave a couple of centimeters from the handle to your hole. Now take the scissors and cut the lower part. What will result will be a horizontal section of the container that must involve only the plastic under the handle.

To understand us better. Keep the container horizontally. The sagittal plane will be that imaginary axis that passes through the bottle, cutting it into two equal parts. Now, your section will have to cut along the sagittal plane and end at 2 cm away from the handle of the container, exactly as shown in the photo above.

In a horizontal position, what we have built will be a pen holder desk, if placed vertically, instead, it will become a wall pen holder. In this case, you will need thumbtacks or a nail to anchor it to the wall. Build a pen holder or pencil holder it can be an educational experience to be repeated at school, involving pupils and teachers. If you are a teacher, parent or student, propose this practice to the rest of the class and thus embellish your classroom. Not only will you have fun with "do it yourself" but you will practice a simple example of recycling creative.

The pen holder or pencil holder it can be embellished using cotton, pebbles or shells found on the street. As I always write, the only limit is the one dictated by your imagination because to recycle it's easy! Good luck and good luck to all!

To see other examples of recycling creative, I suggest you visit the photo gallery I have specially set up.

edited by Anna De Simone

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