Asthma: meaning and symptoms

Asthma: meaning and symptoms

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"Shall I pour you some wine?" - “No, I am I don't drink". How many times have you heard this exchange? If you have a friendI don't drinkor are you wondering about themeaningof this word, today we will explain everything you need to know. Let's talk aboutasthma,of hismeaning, ofsymptomsrelated and hisdefinition.

Let's talk about abstemia: meaning is symptoms linked to this condition. What does it mean to be a teetotaler and definition of the term.

Abstainance: meaning

Let's start withmeaning of the term teetotalerA teetotaler is the one who does not consume intoxicating drinks, therefore who does not drink alcohol.

The wordabstainercomes from the Latin "abstemius". The word "abs" means "far from, without" and the root "temetum" stands for "intoxicating drink". Literally,abstainer, it meansaway from alcohol. The origins of the word also explain themeaningmodern term.

L'I don't drinkis he who never drinks wine or any other alcoholic beverage.

Abstainance: definition

It is important to understand that there is no onemedical definitionof the term, nor specific symptoms. AI don't drinkit is simply a person who has chosen not to drink alcohol for several reasons. Among the reasons behind vie is:

  • low tolerance to alcohol
  • Lack of appreciation of alcoholic beverages
  • Moral principles
  • Health reasons
  • Religious reasons

TheredefinitionofI don't drinkfound in the dictionary quotes: “I don't drink, adjective. Masculine singular. Who never drinks any kind of alcoholic beverage. "

Among the Jews there were groups ofabstainers. In the Muslim calendar, complete daily abstention from sexual intercourse, smoking and alcohol is practiced during Ramadan. For this reason, the police in some countries carry out large seizures of illegal alcohol. In our region, alcohol abstinence can be part of a "vote" or the so-called "foil". The fioretto is a small sacrifice offered to the Madonna, to Jesus or to a saint to whom one is devoted.

The advantages of abstainers

Theabstainerscan enjoy many benefits. First of all, they are immune to alcoholism and all the risks associated with the use of alcohol. They are less exposed to the risk of road accidents and certainly will not have license withdrawals for driving under the influence of alcohol.

If here in Italy the advantages ofabstainersboil down to this, in other nations of the world there are committees for abstainers and controlled groups.

For example, in England and Switzerland theabstainersenjoy discounts on both life and car insurance policies. Statistics from insurance companies report that drinkers have a higher chance of accidents and certain diseases, so who isI don't drinkis rewarded with discounts onpolicy.

Asthma: symptoms

As stated, they do not existsymptoms because theabstainerit is not a medical condition but a deliberate choice.

As stated, theabstainercan be induced by onelow tolerance to alcohol. Everyone knows: there are subjects capable ofto bearhigher doses of alcohol and others that can't hold a shot.

Genetic predisposition, in this context, plays a crucial role. There areentire populationswho see greater tolerance to alcohol. In the collective imagination, in fact, it is difficult to imagine a teetotaler Russian, it can be very simple to imagine a Russian who quietly drinks a couple of shots of vodka without getting drunk.

Not only Russians, Italians and Israelis also seem to be predisposed to tolerate alcohol more when compared with Norwegians, Finns and Indians.

If there is onemedical condition related to asthmais related to aenzyme. Some people are poorly equipped with the enzyme capable of siassimilate alcoholenough to quickly accuse isymptomsofheatredness of the faceand headache.Symptomstypical of those who have difficulty metabolizing alcohol.

Theeffectsrelated to alcohol, in abstainers, manifest themselves from the very least assumptions. THEsymptomsclassics are:

  • Diffuse heat
  • Redness
  • Vasodilation
  • Sedation
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of balance

The tranquilizing effects ofalcohol, inabstainerswith low tolerance, they manifest themselves from the minimum assumptions.

It is also true that allabstainerslogically they should have a low tolerance threshold. The reason? Habit. The habit of consuming alcohol increases alcohol tolerance. Thus, anyone who is teetotal is not used to drinking and remains in his state ofabstainer.

To increase alcohol tolerance it is recommended tonever consume alcohol on an empty stomach but only associated with a substantial lunch.

I drink and wine

A teetotaler does not consume any drinks, including wine. Warning! Sometimes isymptomsofabstainercan be confused with the symptoms of the effects of sulfites. If a person shows a certain tolerance for certain alcoholic beverages but then has a headache when he drinks wine, this problem could be related to the presence of sulphites. For more information: sulphites in wine.

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