Black Labrador

Black Labrador

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Let's start with the characteristics. Thelabradorit's adogin sizemedium-large with an ideal weight, for males, of 29-40 kg and for females of 25-34 kg. The guidelines for height vary, on average males are 56/58 cm tall. They have a broad, solid head, with a broad nose and scissor-like teeth. The truffle, inbreed of labrador, it must be coloredblackwhen the dog is black. The nose is black if the dog isyellowisBrownwhen the coat color is chocolate.

As is clear, the guidelines for the shades of the nose and the coat are very strict. We have, in fact:

  • Labrador yellow or champagne (in various shades, from almost ivory to what it is commonly calledwhite labradorto the "honey" colored mantle up to red-fox labrador)
  • Black Labrador
  • Chocolate Labrador (chocolate or brown, chestnut to dark brown)

The color allowed, in the case ofblack labrador, it's asolid blackand uniform.

Labrador with white spot

For the determination of therace one is allowedwhite spotat chest level but only small in size, smaller than that of a two euro coin. Occasionally, Labradors may display a small amount of white fur on their chests, legs, and tail. These white markings do not preclude the purity of the breed, however they are discriminatory as thedogmay not be admitted to certain beauty competitions.

In the same litter, they could be producedLabradorof different colors. Thecoat colorof a Labrador Retriver it is mainly related to three genes. In theblack labradorsthere is adominant allelein the so-called "K locus".

Gray Labrador (silver)

And thegray labrador? In fact, in the breedLabrador Retrivergray or silver is not allowed. So let's make it clear that thelabrador Silverit cannot be conceived as a variant of the black coat.

Many breeders offer the sale oflabrador silverorgray labradoras a breed Labrador Retriver.

Black Labrador

TheBlack Labradoris undoubtedly adogcharming. To understand its beauty, you just need to know that the firstdogto appear on the cover ofLife Magazineit was just aBlack Labrador Retriver calledBlind of Arden. The magazine, with theBlack Labrador Retriver, was released with the issue of Life Magazine of 12 December 1938.

The history of theBlack Labradoris very old although this shade ofmantleit came to the fore very late. British breeders paid a lot of attention to colorblackof the mantle only around the 1970s.

As in all other variants of the coat, also in the black Labrador dog the hair of the must be short and dense, but not smooth. As for character and temperament, the Black Labradorjust like anyLabrador Retriverit is extroverted in nature: it is adogkind, sociable, affectionate and with a very strong sense of smell.

THELabradorthey are known as intelligent dogs and suitable for a wide variety of roles: thelabrador trainingit can be very heterogeneous. There are rescue Labradors, Labradors trained to detect the signs of arson, Labradors used for the recovery of people and objects ... Plus they have the (deserved) reputation of being excellent family dogs.

Some lines have been selected to receive certain trainings. Among Labradors, in fact, there is no shortage of particularly fast and athletic varieties.

Due to their lively, inquisitive and enthusiastic temperament, leash training is recommended.

Theblack labradorit is not territorial and, like other Labrador Retrievers, it tends to be silent: it only has in case of sudden noises coming from an unknown source.

Labradors are smart

If you are looking for a smart dog, the Labrador is the right one. According to the Stanley Coren ranking, iLabradorare counted among the 10 smartest dog breeds.

For this reason, theLabrador Retrivercan be used as a dog for disability assistance. Just think that about 60-70% ofguide dogsused by Canadian blind people is Labrador breed. Other common guide dog breeds are the Golden Retriever and the German Shepherd.

Black Labrador: price

Thepriceof aLabrador dogit can vary a lot. To get an idea, you can take a look at the announcements and make sure there is a Pedigree. Many breeders proposeBlack Labradors at a price of between 800 and 1600 euros.

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