How to save on document management

How to save on document management

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The day you wonder how much a document you will find out how much you can save and be greener in this field. We are not talking about revenue stamps or taxes in general, those are another thorny issue, but the cost of production and management of any document (invoices, bills, delivery notes ...) from when it is generated (let's do it in Word or Pdf to be simple) to when it is filed somewhere, often in paper form because the law wants it so.

Well, produce and manage a document from start to finish it costs a lot, more than imagined and often more than the real value associated with document same. It is a cost that weighs on companies, and on the public administration, which inevitably falls on individuals, customers or users. It is also an environmental cost because it is reckless and bad production management of documents they are a source of pollution and consumption of raw materials.

In a company, the management of documentary processes, that is the document governance, is one of the areas with the greatest potential in terms of energy saving, efficiency and environmental sustainability. Energy savings can be achieved by rationalizing the printer fleet or replacing them with less energy-intensive devices; efficiency with the adoption of processes and tools that simplify the document management (for example they decrease the number of prints); environmental sustainability, increasingly a duty for companies, with the adoption of green corporate policies.

If we think about it we realize that these are things we all know, the trouble is that companies (but we also talk about public administration) find it difficult to establish green objectives and analyze the environmental implications of document governance, including energy consumption and recycling. Generally, even the most strategic processes are not monitored and we rely on the sensitivity of individuals: 'double-sided printing' is the advice of the wisest but alone is not enough.

These considerations are contained for example in the 'Ricoh Document Governance Index 2012’, The study that Ricoh dedicates each year to the theme of document management with particular attention to the issue of environmental sustainability. According to Ricoh, whose green orientation is not new, the gaps in terms of document governance often do not allow you to take the opportunities of one document management economical and eco-friendly.

For companies that want to reduce costs and the environmental impact of document management, Ricoh has launched the Sustainability Optimization Program, a path developed to make document management sustainable by reducing the environmental impact and costs of these processes. The results that the companies obtain are quantified and certified. Customers are issued a certificate that compares the starting situation with the one following the implementation of the project and certifies the reduction of the environmental impact.

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