Tips for storing vegetables

Tips for storing vegetables

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There preservation of vegetables it is a practice that allows you to have vegetables all year round without having to buy them. There preservation of vegetables it can be made in various ways: in oil, in vinegar, in brine, by freezing. For the purposes of a genuine final product, the first thing to respect before proceeding to preservation of vegetables, is to use only organic vegetables, even better if they come from your garden. In the article you will find all tips for storing vegetables in all variants.

Tips for storing vegetables in the freezer

  • Storing vegetables in the freezer does not require them to be cooked
  • They can be kept for up to three months
  • It is good to put the vegetables in the freezer immediately after bagging them, taking care not to fill the freezer completely to avoid a harmful rise in temperature
  • Leafy vegetables are not recommended
  • The recommended containers are food bags and aluminum containers
  • Avoid the use of glass

Tips for storing vegetables in oil

  • Before pouring the vegetables it is advisable to sterilize the jars
  • The most suitable containers are those in glass and terra cotta
  • Use organic oil to give more authenticity to the product
  • make sure that the oil perfectly covers the vegetables contained in the jar

Tips for storing vegetables pickle

  • Also in this case, the same advice we have given you for conservation in oil applies.
  • Tips for storing vegetables with drying
  • Make sure the vegetables are fresh and disease-free
  • Put the vegetables in the open air and in the sun, but don't speed up the time, because partially dried vegetables don't have a long shelf life

Tips for storing vegetables in brine

  • Preserving in brine is a very practical and fast method. The most important recommendation is to dry or drain foods thoroughly before consuming them.

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