The fabric that generates energy

The fabric that generates energy

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The tissue that generates energy this is nothing new in the field of sustainable innovations, researchers at the University of Dallas, Texas know something about it. The research team, already in 2011, managed to develop a particular spray that when applied on any fabric gave it the ability to generate electricity. The spray in question is a blend of boron and magnesium powder, this mix is ​​capable of intersecting in any fabric in the form of nanotubes.

With the spread of the tissue that generates energy any well-dressed individual could be a walking charger!

Before 2011 the capacity of magnesium and boron powders was already known and due to their amorga nature any type of application was difficult. The Texan team succeeded in developing a technique for using powders in the form of a spray. The spray can be sprayed to form a network of nanotubes so dense as to constitute a real one tissue generates energy. The fabric made up of magnesium and boron nanotubes, it could be used to produce self-cleaning materials or clothes capable ofgenerate energy. The magnesium and boron-based powders developed by the Texan university are not the only solution for creating a tissue that generates energy.

The Power Felt is a fabric capable of generating energy by exploiting the thermal gradient (the difference in temperatures between two compartments) between the human body and the external environment. In the case of the jacket, the current would be produced by the difference between the external temperature and that of the human body. With Power Felt 72 superimposed layers of nanotubes in thefabric they have a yield of about 140 nanowatts of power.

The fashion world is no stranger to the clothes and accessories they produce power, we saw it with Hermes, the made in Italy shoe that won the competition organized by the CNR (National Research Center). The shoe uses the principles of electromagnetism to produce electricity.

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