Studying (and countering) Greenwashing

Studying (and countering) Greenwashing

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From left: Enzo Argante (journalist), Luisa De Marco (president of EOS Fiera), Debora Serracchiani (president of the Friuli Region), Giovanni Da Pozzo (Chamber of Commerce of Udine), Mario Tozzi (geologist and TV host)

Greenwashing, what does it mean? This word was coined not so long ago to describe the action of 'misappropriating environmental virtues', that is, using the green to wash your hands, as well as your conscience, diverting attention from responsibility and damage (even very serious ) towards the environment. Greenwashing, in short, it is not a beautiful thing, it is certainly a phenomenon to be studied.

Of Greenwashing (understand the phenomenon in order to be able to counter it) we speak to EOS Exposition of Sustainability, an exhibition focused on environmental sustainability and the carbon footprint, which in its first edition in 2013 receives great attention from the public and professionals, including many young people and students (EOS is Udine on 18-19 May) .

At the baptism ofExposition of Sustainability also the new president of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Debora Serracchiani, to talk about the emergency linked to the crisis but also about perspective: "If this is a moment that requires immediate choices, it is also true that there is a need to plan medium and long-term choices. The crisis - words of Serracchiani - it is an opportunity at hand and this makes us available to do what we would not have done before because now we cannot do without it ".

Eco-sustainability (not Greenwashing) even in a time of economic crisis? Yes, and Mario Tozzi, geologist, TV presenter on La 7 and testimonial of EOS. “The Friuli region, with its natural heritage - says Tozzi - it can be the driving force of a new culture and a new economy declined to the environment. Sustainability is a symptom of efficiency: the more efficient you are, the more sustainable you are ".

From EOS Exposition of Sustainability (in the event exhibitions and conferences) even partially encouraging data: today Italy is back in the top positions for solar energy and positive changes are taking place in waste management. On the other hand, there are still critical issues on land consumption and mobility, which are too tied to the private vehicle.

Based on national data, the Udine Chamber of Commerce testified to EOS that today, in Italy, green companies are 25% of the total and 360,000 have already invested in this direction. Speaking instead of Friuli Venezia Giulia, he said that the regional economic system is also aligning with the trends of the country and that in the green one sees companies that have an edge and greater ability than the others to renew themselves.

Video: Greenwashing - The Media Show (July 2022).


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