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In New York, images with a high emotional impact

In New York, images with a high emotional impact

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Images are a powerful means of information, especially in an era in which social change is urgently needed defense of the environment, for justice, for peace and to eliminate all forms of oppression. Remember i poster that you had in your room when you were still a teenager? Maybe they depicted a singer or a movie poster ... Elizabeth Resnick in one of his latest collections, he has well thought of representing the climate changes using images as a vehicle for information. The posters in question are intended to disseminate ideas capable of inducing a change of direction in our society.

Elizabeth Resnick is the director of the Department of Graphics and Design at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, in Boston. His posters highlight the most heartfelt environmental issues but also issues that embrace food safety and human rights. Air should be one of them: it is everyone's right to breathe clean air, however those responsible for theenvironmental pollution they go unpunished and our lungs keep getting sick.


These are the denunciation messages launched by the collection "International posters for the digital age ". The collection will be exhibited at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery in New York, from 8 July to 28 August 2013. I poster they use a suggestive iconography to alert the population, to educate the public and to sensitize them to a change of direction.

Usually, high-impact images are exploited by large companies to trigger a false need in the public so as to induce them to buy a certain product. This time the images are at the service of good, a manifesto that embraces and supports humanitarian and environmental causes. Undoubtedly, images are the strongest tool of the digital age: one click is enough to share them with all your friends on facebook so as to make them participate in the change.


The photo above is an excerpt from the image of Asher Jay, USA, 2010. It represents the oil spill from a sea monster and reminds us of the numerous environmental catastrophes, one among many that of the Gulf of Mexico and warns us about this that could happen in the waters of the Mediterranean.

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