Which air conditioner to buy?

Which air conditioner to buy?

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Summer is approaching and even before the arrival of heat we find ourselves wondering which air conditioner to buy! As already explained in this article, when you want buy an air conditioner both the energy class and theCooling Efficiency Index, named with the initials COP or EER. From 1 January 2013, thanks to a new European directive, labels have become consumer-proof: it is absolutely not recommended to buy a air conditioning without energy labeling because it is considered obsolete and too energy-intensive.

Which air conditioner to buy? The one that consumes the least!
In recent years, energy consumption has been devastating, with 34 billion tons of CO2 released into the atmosphere in 2011 alone. If you think that the energy efficiency of the air conditioning is just an environmental matter, you are very wrong, is a crucial factor in the choice of air conditioner to buy: the more efficient the air conditioning, the less expensive the bill will be!

Since January 2013, classes G, F and E have been eliminated and the energy class A has undergone an extension. Therefore, if you decide to buy an air conditioner of energy class D, C or B, you will make a bad deal. Energy class A has undergone expansion with class A +, A ++ and A +++. Even if i air conditioning models more efficient are more expensive, know that lower energy consumption guarantees a significant economic return on energy costs with savings of up to 50 percent!

Between air conditioners more efficient updates on the market, there is the line Etherea 2013 from Panasonic. The Etherea line offers an optimized air purification system, guarantees the energy efficiency required by the new European directive and is easy to install.

The energy consumption of an air conditioner should not be underestimated: over a ten-year period, the weight on the bill of aair conditioner can easily exceed 1,580 euros with afixed air conditioner.

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