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From Marketing to Socialing: it starts with EXPO

From Marketing to Socialing: it starts with EXPO

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The Socialing what is it? A new model of economic and cultural development which offers (or proposes to do so) a concrete response to the social changes taking place. The matter is serious to the point that the 1st edition of theEuropean Socialing Forum, an event that will bring together exponents of universities, companies and institutions in Milan. Appointment Wednesday 15 May; among the guests too Vandana Shiva, a well-known Indian environmentalist.

Some reasoning, not too many because we are waiting for the Forum, to frame the Socialing. The green, for example, it can be a slogan or a concrete thing; there environmental sustainability a commitment or an idea of ​​marketing (that marketing that believes itself to be shrewd): in the long run it is the market that draws conclusions and whoever does well wins, whoever is smart does not go far.

This happens because consumers are increasingly educated and education makes them think for themselves: in 1968 16% of the population had a diploma, in 2000 22%, in 2012 42% (the data are Remo Lucchi, honorary president Gkf Eurisko). In 10 years the graduates will be more than 8 out of 10 and this will upset, it is already doing, habits, choices and behaviors.

So goodbye to the definition of 'marketing oriented', Too often synonymous with "squeeze the customer like a lemon" and welcome that of'socialing oriented’. "A socialing oriented company - he said Andrea Farinet, Professor of Marketing at LIUC in Castellanza and one of the promoters of the Socialing Forum - is the one that knows how to act on several levels: improve the price-quality ratio of the offer, develop social and environmental responsibility in the area where it operates and contribute, through intellectual and organizational innovation, to the growth of social capital and to the improvement of quality of community life ".

The Socialing Forum of Milan was organized in four parts, the first dedicated to reflection: events tell us that the current crisis is a turning point, is it possible when there is a glimmer of recovery to re-propose the same development model? The second part is dedicated to comparison with companies that have already made ethics an important part of their business; will participate Sabaf, Coesia, Coop, Italian post is LifeGate.

The third part of the Socialing Forum it is entirely dedicated to role of new media with the participation of Facebook Italy, Vodafone, SAS Institute, Clouditalia is Oracle. The fourth part is all for EXPO 2015: Milan expects 15-20 million visitors and will be an opportunity for Italy to show the merits and quality of its agricultural supply chain (the theme of EXPO is food); participate in the discussion Coldiretti, DO, Slow Food, SWG is Technogym.

Declared objective of theEuropean Socialing Forum is also that of transforming Milan into the world capital of safeguarding cultivated land, starting with the signature of the Universal Charter of the Rights of the Cultivated Land. Two other chapters of the Forum lineup are also interesting: From kilometer 0 to kilometer Green is Ten Supply Chains to Save the World. We'll talk again…

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