Plane tickets, you pay them what you weigh

Plane tickets, you pay them what you weigh

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An aspiring tourist goes to travel agency and asks:
“Hello, I'm organizing mine holidays in Polynesia and I would like to buy a plane ticket, could you tell me the price?". In response, the insider states: "Sure, just tell me how much it weighs". Does this seem absurd to you? The airline Samoa Air determines the price of your tickets based on weight of the passenger.

There Samoa Air is the first airline to offer prices to measure of weight. Samoa Air is a small airline serving the Pacific Islands of Samoa, offering charter flights, air taxis and similar flights. In fact when you buy the ticket for a flight weight is always taken into account… yes, but usually it is that of Baggage! The company Samoa Air, on the other hand, adds the weight of the passenger to that of the baggage and based on the result the price.

Thus, a flight between two of the Tonga islands or between the islands of the Cook Islands archipelago is much cheaper for a size 42 than for a 44! The airline has updated the portal by inserting the instructions to book with the formula "Pay by weight ". The instructions end with a sentence like "so you are sure to really pay for how much you weigh, without added grams ”.

The idea is quite controversial and raises many questions. Airlines should consider the formula "Pay by weight“? If we think about it, when we buy a plane ticket, we buy a seat but if the criterion were to change the formula "Pay your weight"Could be the right one.

An obese person traveling by plane often has to pay a supplement. This surcharge is linked precisely to the space and seating capacity, certainly not to the weight expressed in kilograms or pounds. In this context, women would have an advantage, a 60 kg woman would pay much less than a man weighing 80 kg, so companies would be encouraged to commission business trips mainly to women ... in short, there are many scenarios that open up on this payment policy.

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