Alessi for Children for the children of Congo

Alessi for Children for the children of Congo

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The charity campaign Alessi for Children launched last Christmas by the well-known household items company Alessi has reached and exceeded the ambitious goal of raising 200,000 euros to start a family home for abandoned children of Kinshasa, in Democratic Republic of Congo. In the midst of the dramatic news that rained down on us every day, the image of smiling children, who after so much suffering see a brighter future ahead of them, broadens the heart.

On the occasion of Christmas 2012, Alessi had decided to donate one euro for each item sold during the holidays in all countries of the world: the proceeds were destined to build in collaboration with Ai.Bi. Friends of Children the first family home in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a nation that has not seen peace for over 12 years.

With the funds raised through Alessi for Children, Ai.Bi. was able to purchase, renovate and equip the structure, select and prepare specialized staff to offer adequate assistance to children, but above all train and support the family that will manage the structure. The real, substantial and fundamental difference between a foster home and any institution is in fact the constant presence of people who welcome children as their children.

The works started at the end of 2012 and the move was completed in January. Today the structure, active and operational, it already welcomes 17 children (30 when fully operational) and accompanies them in their growth, as happens in a real family. These are the news from Kinshasa where, despite the critical conditions of the country, the structure created in collaboration with Ai.Bi. represents an important step forward in terms of recognition of children's rights, demonstrating that a new model of reception is possible there too.

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