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LED, the light that's good for your wallet

LED, the light that's good for your wallet

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L'led illumination allows you to reduce the energy consumed and the related costs in the bill. The LED bulbs they debuted on the market with high costs justified by the fact that a LED bulb has an average duration of 25 years. Today the price of the LED bulbs has decreased and 2013 is the ideal year to make the transition from old fluorescent bulbs to more modern and affordable ones LED bulbs.

The LED bulbs were celebrated with an article in the New York Times. In the US, most public buildings are Roman lit with LED systems and even in American homes the most popular lighting is LED. The New York Times article, signed by columnist David Pogue, wants to encourage the choice ofenergy efficiency.

In Italy there are not many municipal administrations that exploit theled illumination. It seems that in our country, the concept of energy efficiency is struggling to integrate, yet there is convenience and eco-friendly examples too: the municipality of Livorno, with the installation of 468 LED lighting bodies, save annually an amount of power equal to 68.142 kWh. Not bad right ?!

To help consumers - and also administrations - comes the portal, a speciel guide to the most efficient LED for lighting homes and offices. The guide was desired and is constantly updated since WWF, the guide was launched on the occasion of the great global mobilization to stop the climate change, Earth Hour - Earth Hour.

How much does an LED bulb cost?
The guide also shows this. An example is the classic A Verbatim LED bulb, it costs 14 euros and in 25 years of service it will cost you only 20 euros in your bill. This means that turning on that light bulb will cost you about 80 cents a year, 0.13 euro cents on each electricity bill.

The combined use of LED technology and a photovoltaic system is convenient for the installer and the environment. In this article we have presented the net gain of a company that relying onenergy efficiency has managed to lower its electricity requirement from 87,703 kWh to just 37,809 kWh.

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