Recycle the Nespresso capsules

Recycle the Nespresso capsules

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Thanks to the programs Nespresso, about 75% of the capsules used by consumers, it is properly recycled. Nespresso boasts systems of collection of the used capsules that achieve excellence in Switzerland with the program Recycling at Home. Besides Switzerland, Nespresso consumers also have access to capsule recovery points. As for Italy, Nespresso is expanding the network of capsule collection points but there is something that every consumer can do, indeed, recycle Nespresso capsules it's easy even at home!

Recycle the Nespresso capsules, that's how
In order not to produce an excess of garbage undifferentiated, the Nespresso capsules they can be disposed of and properly recycled. How?

There Nespresso capsules is given by an aluminum container and a "content" in organic. The user can easily remove the top of the capsule, empty it of its contents (the laying of coffee) and dispose of the entire capsule by throwing the coffee in the organic and the wrapper in the aluminum.

Furthermore, the coffee can be put in compost to create an excellent fertilizer while the aluminum casing can be differentiated together with the cans and the various cans (cat food, meat ...).

With this action we can reduce the amount of waste products and help Italy in the programs of aluminum recycling andorganic. On a larger scale, the Nespresso company recycles its capsules through a program that leads to the production of compost up to the production of rice destined to feed the less fortunate. That program is called Ecolaboration and was started last summer also in Italy, more information on the recycling of Nespresso capsules can be found at this address.

Nespresso moves on the plane environmental with the expansion of the network of collection points pods but also on the social level by ensuring decent working conditions for coffee plantation farmers in fragile countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala and India.



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