How to save water

How to save water

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In the last century, the Earth has lost 60% of wetlands available. To improve the use ofwater urgent action is needed to change production chains and individual behavior. The percentage of fresh water accessible to man amounts to 54%: out of a total of 1.4 billion km³ of water available on the planet only 2.5% (35 million km³) is made up of fresh water (rivers, lakes, glaciers, etc.), of which only less than 1% is potentially usable by man.

Numerous the ecosystems at risk and in danger is human life itself. This is why the European regulations in the field of water saving they will be stricter and will involve all citizens. As happened with the banning of old incandescent bulbs, not i will be more admitted taps made of brass and other toxic materials. It is necessary to introduce in everyone's homes, water systems a low consumption.

There are several ways to save drinking water, from recovering rainwater for garden irrigation, to good environmental practices summarized in this article with a quick set of guidelines, the use of pipes, taps and ad hoc systems should not be underestimated.

The latest market proposals see plumbing systems and taps able to guarantee a energy saving of about 30%, a water saving 60% and piping savings of approximately 60%. An example of this is the patented system designed by the Swiss company LoccoZ GmbH which is perfectly in line with the policies of energy efficiency and with the new ones European regulations. The system in question is called WATER and it is new on the Italian market while abroad the approval of the Food and Drug Administration as well as being perfectly integrated into the Northern European market.

The savings is closely linked to resource management, it works like this with everything, even withwater.
How many times has it happened to open hot water and while waiting to move away from the sink and then come back and find it boiling .... In this context it would help a lot to have the possibility to set one maximum limit temperature and a faster mixing system. Also adjust the pressure and have the possibility to program the duration of dispensing and the amount of water released, they can be winning strategies and this is also made possible by the system WATER by means of a specific electronic control.

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