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Bi-ci @ romaexpo, the bicycle festival

Bi-ci @ romaexpo, the bicycle festival

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[email protected] is the Capitoline kermesse dedicated to solutions for the zero-emission mobility. It takes place on the occasion of MotoDays, an exhibition dedicated to two-wheelers with engines. The event is scheduled from 7 to 10 March at Rome Fair.

The exhibition dedicated to the pedal is in its second edition but can boast large numbers, last year it recorded over 128 thousand visitors. The large numbers testify to the growing public interest in the world of two-wheeled pedals. The figures of the first edition made it clear to the organizers that onefair dedicated to the bicycle it was strongly desired in the territory of the central south of the Peninsula.

TO [email protected] could not miss Mercedes, with his ebike, Mercedes-Benz Rome, in its exhibition area, it will show visitors its new one ebike, visitors to [email protected] will be able to try theebike Smart in a path created within the fair.

There Mercedes will take the opportunity to show the third generation of his to the public Electric smart on four wheels: the fortwo electric drive, ambassador of the mobility 100 percent electric branded smart. The pavilion Mercedes-Benz will not be the only one present, visitors will be greeted by bicycles of all sorts: classic, pedal assisted, sporty, superbike, innovative, folding, ultralight, ultracompact ...

For the edition 2013, the salon of the cycle Romano proposes itself with an even larger exhibition area and, to be more engaging, is enriched with many initiatives and events to bring the public closer to bicycle culture.

The interest of the public in the bicycle has grown a lot. It is not just the sales of bike but also the sector fairs: over 700 people registered for the Gran Fondo and about 1400 for the 24h of mtb.

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