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Environment and sustainable consumption at the Sodalitas Social Award

Environment and sustainable consumption at the Sodalitas Social Award

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Sodalitas Social Award is the most authoritative Italian award for projects by Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. Now in its 11th edition this year, the initiative is promoted by Sodalitas Foundation and aimed at companies and organizations of the Italian market, which have until February 28 to participate (free of charge).

Business initiatives eligible for the Sodalitas Social Award are those referring to all areas of sustainability, Young people, Work, Environment, Sustainable consumption, divided into 5 categories:

• enhancement of the person and job protection;

• Sustainable consumption and responsible supply chain;

• environmental protection and awareness;

• employment of young people and promotion of job placement;

• social responsibility initiatives carried out by public institutions and bodies.

A Special Award it will then be assigned to the company capable and protagonist of Partnership projects in developing countries. Finally, two dedicated awards are reserved respectively for business associations and public institutions and bodies that carry out social responsibility initiatives.

This year, the Sodalitas Social Award it also offers the opportunity to compete in the first edition of European CSR Award, which the European Commission wanted to establish in 28 countries to give visibility to the best practices of Corporate Social Responsibility implemented in Europe, choosing the Sodalitas Foundation as a partner for Italy.

here is the announcement to apply.

Registration must be sent by 28 February 2013 to [email protected].

Video: How the tourism industry can be responsible for its environmental footprint. Sean Nino. TEDxUbud (July 2022).


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