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Murals for Hepburn Wind's wind turbines

Murals for Hepburn Wind's wind turbines

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Do you remember Hepburn Wind? The first wind community self-managed which with its approximately 2,000 members has become the emblem of an economically sound, virtuous and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

The community of Hepburn Wind is located in Australia and, last week, attracted numerous visitors to the Sustainable Living Festival, in particular for an event: the setting up of a mural by the artist David Booth, Also known as Ghostpatrol. The murals cheered one of the wind turbines of the community.

Hepburn Wind can count on the help of two huge ones wind turbines capable of generating about 10 million kilowatt hours of electricity. The energy produced powers 2,300 homes and the excess is fed into the grid and sold. Another extraordinary fact, the Hepburn's whirlwind they have a name! They are called Gale and Gusto and with i murals they are becoming two works of art!


The wind turbines they are pointed out as horrible tin giants! Nothing could be more wrong, with their rotating blades they are able to integrate into many contexts and, where the population is demanding, they can show themselves as nice works of art. This is precisely the case with Gale, the Australian community's T1 wind turbine. After Gale, Gusto will also have its own murals.

Gale, with the Ghostpatrol mural, is destined to become one of the works of art of 2013, most appreciated by the public. A further symbol of sustainability for the globe. L'visual impact of turbines must act as a reminder by continuously conveying a strong principle of environmental responsibility.

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